Sailing aboard s/v Rembrandt van Rijn

Antarctic Peninsula

Region: Arctic

Destinations: Greenland


Sailing depends on the wind, the (ice-)conditions and also the itinerary. When these conditions are right our sailing-ships will normally attempt to sail. In case the wind is not favourable for the planned itinerary the ships engines will be used.

On each voyage several times sailing will be attempted. Our sailing-vessels are much smaller compared to our motor-vessels. The maximum number of passengers is 33 on s/v Rembrandt van Rijn.

The atmosphere on board is very intimate and there is more direct contact with the sailing crew. The number of guides on board of the sailing-vessels is also lower. On the Rembrandt van Rijn two. The groups might be split up on shore into smaller groups making the hikes maybe more demanding for less fit passengers.

Besides the size of the sailing-vessel the ship is also less fast compared to the motor-vessels. The distances covered by the sailing-vessels are therefore less long. The sailing-vessels often make more frequent stops and have a less strict program, due to the nature of sailing.


Many people ask us if they will get sea-sick. This depends very much on the individual. Not everybody is prone to sea-sickness, our experience is that only a small percentage of the passengers get sick on any trip and most of these people are fine after a day or so at sea. If you feel that you are particularly susceptible to sea-sickness then it is a good idea to talk to your local doctor. Bring enough motion sickness tablets, or plasters with you and be sure you have eaten enough and feel rested. Please note: on our sailing-vessels there is no doctor on board.

Sailing gear

You do not need specific sailing gear. Normal waterproof cold weather clothing will do, together with sturdy waterproof hiking boots or rubber boots.

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