cossart marc

Region: Antarctica

Destinations: Ross Sea

Ship: m/v Ortelius

Difficult in a short space to explain a trip like that, specially if English is not your first language.. For me, that was what I have expected, the weather was correct, that permits helicopter tours, but too short; the zodiac landing were nice. Nothing special about the atmosphere during the long days of navigation, many boring days, on the bridge, the crew was for a minimum welcome, no more, they felt happy when we were leaving, sometimes with a suspicious look... I didn't appreciate that, I was very interested in navigation, but every time on the bridge, I felt like a disturbing people. The lectures: Could have been more interesting, good English required. The restaurant ok, but I was on Plancius last year, and Plancius was superior! Cabins on level 3, you have to renew, 5&4 have been rehabilitate, but not 3. I will recommend only to people well informed. Marc Cossart

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