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You can contact our Oceanwide Expeditions confidant, Nynke Bruinsma.

Unwanted physical contact is considered either sexual harassment or sexual assault, depending on the severity of the encounter. Examples of physical contact that can constitute sexual harassment or that can blur the line between sexual harassment and sexual assault

Non-verbal sexual harassment is any form of unwanted sexual communication or conduct that involves something other than verbal speech but falls short of physical sexual contact. This includes sending emails and text messages that are sexually explicit or otherwise sexual in nature.

Examples of visual harassment include any kind of unwanted and nonconsensual exposure of sexual images, sex organs, or any other sexually inappropriate gestures at work. It often goes along with other types of sexual harassment. The most obvious example of visual harassment is a person exposing themselves to others at work.

Psychological and bullying
Psychological abuse in the workplace creates toxic cultures that dehumanize individuals and violate their inherent right to dignity. It encompasses behaviors such as gossip, lies, exclusion, job sabotage, and intimidating threats. Additionally, workplace bullying is a form of psychological abuse and follows a predictable cycle that includes stages like target identification, jealousy, etc.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, you do not have to accept unwanted behavior. You have the right to your own personal sovereignty, and you cannot legally be forced to submit to unwanted contact as a condition to receive anything.