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Q: Will I experience sea sickness?

This is one of our most common questions, and the answer depends very much on the individual and whether or not you’re going to the Arctic or Antarctica.

If you are going to Antarctica, you will have to cross the Drake Passage, which can be stormy and turbulent. In this case, we advise bringing motion sickness medication or purchasing it on our vessels, if supplies last. In the Arctic, however, our voyages stay closer to shore, so you may not need seasickness medication as much, if at all.

Nevertheless, we encourage you to bring it if you are prone to motion sickness, regardless of whether you’re going to the Arctic or Antarctica. Most people recover from motion sickness within a day or two, and we always have a doctor on board our larger vessels (Plancius, Ortelius, and Hondius) should you need additional help with seasickness.

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