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Q: Do I need insurance for my voyage?

Yes, you need to be insured in the unlikely event of a medical evacuation and/or repatriation.

Coverage required for the Arctic is a minimum of EUR/USD 50,000 per person, for Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands a minimum of EUR/USD 100,000 per person, and for the Ross Sea a minimum of EUR/USD 300,000 per person. A good comprehensive travel insurance should support this.

All passengers must also sign a liability statement agreeing that Oceanwide Expeditions and its staff are exempt from responsibility for personal injury and property damage, including loss of items, and therefore cannot accept any claims. You can find this statement in our travel documentation.

After your voyage is booked, we will ask you to provide us the details of your insurance policy. Participation in an expedition cruise is 100% at your own risk.

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