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Q: What is mountaineering?

Mountaineering is a special activity we offer on select Antarctica voyages aboard our vessels m/v Hondius, Plancius, and Ortelius (Basecamp). The activity is marked “M” on the tour program. The mountaineering activity is broken down to glacier hikes, crampon-based hikes/mountaineering, and alpine ascents. The type of activity you carry out will be based on your experience, ability, and boots.

With the exception of alpine ascents, this activity is not considered technical climbing. This is a more strenuous activity for mountaineers who wish to walk beyond the shore radius in order to reach higher grounds and view wider vistas. All guests can enjoy this activity.

Please read our notes on boot selection. To be considered for alpine climbs, you MUST have related experience and be physically capable. Owning the correct boots alone is not enough for safety purposes.

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