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Q: What are the general instructions when boarding a helicopter?

Passengers are given an in-depth briefing on the vessel, and nobody is allowed near the helicopters without supervision. Please follow all staff advice in addition to the following instructions:

  1. Do not approach or leave the helicopter without being cleared to do so by the designated crew member, who will also have received clearance from the helicopter crew.
  2. When approaching or leaving the helicopter door, always assume a crouching posture. Walk briskly but do not run. Keep within the safe approach sector of the helicopter, and always keep in full view of the helicopter pilot or crewman. Do not wear clothing that is loose or could become entangled at any time.
  3. Keep well clear of the helicopter tail rotor. The tail rotor is difficult to see because of the speed at which it rotates.
  4. To avoid being scorched by hot gases, stay well clear of the helicopter exhaust outlets.
  5. Wear a lifejacket at all times during flight. However, clothing that inflates automatically or has built-in buoyancy should not be worn in the helicopter.
  6. Wear ear protection, which will be provided by the helicopter operator.

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