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Q: Do I have to be really fit to join an expedition?

You need to be in good general health and able to walk several hours per day. Though our expeditions are ship-based, they can be physically demanding. You can choose to stay on the vessel if you prefer, but you will still need to be able to move safely around the ship even in bad weather.

Assuming you choose to join landings, you will need to be able to get in and out of the Zodiacs. You must also be capable of getting up and down the gangway. This will become easier with practice, but the gangway is steep and moves with the rocking of the vessel. Conditions on shore can also be rocky, uneven, and slippery, and we will be in remote areas without access to sophisticated medical facilities.

You must not join an expedition if you have a life-threatening condition or need daily medical treatment. Any major health problem or physical condition that requires emergency care must be brought to our attention prior to the voyage. Please fill out our Personal Information Form, which we will send at the time of booking. This form must be completed and returned within one month of your book date.

Since we travel in such remote areas, medical evacuation by air is often impossible. We therefore reserve the right to refuse travel or participation in activities to anyone whose health concerns might pose a safety risk to our staff or other passengers.

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