Cierva Cove

A scenic area west of Graham Land, Cierva Cove is the location of an Argentine research base

Cierva Cove

Region: Antarctica

Destinations: Antarctic Peninsula

The striking scenery of Cierva Cove

Though wildlife sightings at Cierva Cove can be less dependable than at other places in Antarctica, this area is nonetheless prized for its splendid polar scenery. Cierva Cove is named after Juan de la Cierva, a Spanish pilot and engineer who in the early 1920s invented the autogyro, considered by many to be the predecessor to the helicopter. Cierva Cove is a protected Antarctic area, so we cannot make landings here, but we do enjoy seeing it and Base Primavera from our ship.

Cierva Cove’s Base Primavera

Base Primavera is an Argentine research station established in 1977, expanded from the facilities of an earlier naval refuge built in 1954. It is located on the southwestern shore of Cierva Cove and operates only during the austral summer. Its scientists conduct research into ornithology, limnology, and the ecological impact of mosses and lichens. Unfortunately, Base Primavera is not one of the Antarctic research stations we are allowed to visit.