Invercargill and Bluff

Invercargill, and more specifically the port of Bluff, is used an embarkation point for our Ross Sea expeditions

Invercargill and Bluff

Region: Antarctica

Destinations: Ross Sea

Invercargill, the gateway to the Ross Sea

​At latitude 46°24’ South, Invercargill is one of the southernmost cities in the world, and in fact only a few cities in the far south of Chile and Argentina are more southerly.

Invercargill lies on New Zealand’s South Island, a green and fertile area with several nature reserves, such as Fiordland National Park. Because of its southern location, Invercargill is a gateway to Antarctica, specifically the Ross Sea region.

Bluff, a seaport near Invercargill, is the specific embarkation and disembarkation port for these expeditions.