Cuni van Tergouw

Region: Antarctica

Destinations: Antarctic Peninsula

Ship: m/v Plancius

It was a wish my husband and I had to go to Antarctica, and this March we finally went. We had high hopes and we can only conclude that this journey exceeded all our expectetsions. We have never had such a magnificent journey. A sincerere and warm thank you to all the crew members of the Plancius. It is a wonderful ship and the crew is realy amazing. Their enthusiasm, and deeply felt love for this continent as well as Arctica impacted all the passengers. The service was outstanding and the presentations held during the journey gave the necessary information to better understand the beauty and uniqueness of this continent and its wildlife. The Plancius has a very nice lounge and bar were you can sit, read, play games and chat with other passengers. New friendships are created during the journey. This experience has led to the plan to travel to Arctica (Spitsbergen) next year. Again, with the Plancius. We are already looking forward to it.

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