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Q: Update Coronavirus: What additional measures will be in place to prepare & protect ships and passengers?

Last update, Tuesday 30 June 2020: Ongoing coronavirus knowledge spurs ongoing Oceanwide advancements

Oceanwide Expeditions is innovating a series of new safety protocols to assure the health and wellbeing of its guests continue to take top priority during voyages.

Some of these upgrades are already underway and can therefore be specified, but others are by necessity still adapting to the ongoing stream of information regarding effective Covid-19 preparedness. New safety measures apply both before and during voyages, addressing such issues as embarkation and disembarkation, social distancing guidelines, and new standards for vessel restaurants, galleys, and expedition outings.

For example, Oceanwide will install thermal cameras for continuous automated temperature screening aboard its ships. Cleaning measures have likewise been reevaluated and upgraded, and cabins and public spaces will be regularly disinfected with dispersion technology. This technology, which uses hydrogen peroxide and is often employed at medical facilities, has a lethal effect on viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, and spores, disinfecting cabins after every trip.

Oceanwide is also reviewing advanced air filtration units and updates to its HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and cooling) systems. Despite the fact that most OEX vessels do not use recirculated air, all air-related systems will get a thorough review for safety. Oceanwide is also looking into UV-based air filtration technology for further protection against pathogens.

The goal is to adopt safety measures that respond only to the latest scientific findings on the coronavirus. For this reason, not all of OEX’s new protocols are finalized yet. Nevertheless, Oceanwide has put into place numerous safety measures that will help keep travelers healthy as they explore the polar regions. And since the safety of OEX guests and staff is of top concern, protocols will continue to be updated with the arrival of new information about Covid-19, and these updates will be communicated to both agents and clients as soon as possible.

Monday 18 May 2020: Our industry has always been pro-active in taking new measures to protect our passengers.  

Onboard illness outbreaks are taken extremely seriously and the full industry is collectively doing everything they can to ensure health and safety of those onboard and any place visited.

We are working tirelessly on finalizing new health & safety protocols related to COVID-19 and defining operations and to develop new measures to meet new challenges in the “new normal” era.

We look into all details of your travel such as (but not limited to) pre-boarding health screening, pre-boarding information and requirements, embarkation and disembarkation processes, luggage handling, stores and provisions handling, onboard and shore operations, lectures and briefings, dining room and bar seating possibilities, vessel routing, distancing requirements and crew training with regards to COVID-19 etc. Sanitation plans for all vessels will be updated.

Rest assured the utmost is being done to make your stay onboard comfortable and safe as always while meeting local and national requirements.

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