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Q: Update Coronavirus: I am booked on a trip to the Arctic in 2021 – what is the status?

We are aware of the many concerned travelers and agents feeling insecure about their upcoming journeys due to possible travel restrictions.

Clients / travelers affected by trip modifications  owed by travel restrictions will be contacted by their booking agents who will  offer alternative travel solutions as follows:

In such case, clients / travelers will then be offered to rebook their trip to a similar voyage, Arctic program 2022, for the same price in the same cabin category (subject to availability). The paid cruise fare will then simply be transferred to the new voyage.

Alternatively, clients / travelers can use the paid cruise fare as a travel voucher for – as per the travel contract concluded – a selection of future Oceanwide Expeditions’ voyages.

If you have not been notified about your trip, you can assume that it is currently still on schedule and being monitored.

We kindly ask you to be patient until you will be notified with further news on this subject. We will address one after the other voyage, which will be affected by restrictions.

If clients / travelers wish to book trip for the upcoming season, please refer to: I want to book a trip – can I do this risk free?

If you wish to change travel plans right now, please refer to: I want to change my travel plans due to Coronavirus – can I do this?


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