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Q: What should I bring and what is required for the Basecamp?

You should bring the following items for the Basecamp activities.

Snowshoe Walkers and Mountaineers

  • Snowshoe walkers should bring mountain boots for comfort, grip and stability, (to protect the ankle).
  • Mountaineers must bring their personal sturdy mountain boots with sufficient ankle support and stiff sole. Mountain boots must be designed to fit crampons. Crampons will be supplied onboard.

Please note: Participants can be excluded from the activity if they don’t bring proper mountain boots. Soft hiking boots and trainers are insufficient footwear.

Clothing – (outer layer)

  • Windproof, waterproof, breathable jacket with hood
  • Windproof, waterproof,  breathable pants/salopettes

Thermal Layer (underwear)

  • Synthetic/wool fleece/pile jacket/pull-on
  • Synthetic/wool fleece/pile pants/salopettes
  • Fleece vest or jacket

Base Layer (underwear)

  • Synthetic/wool thin top (long/short sleeves/zipped)
  • Synthetic/wool thin pants/long johns


  • Synthetic/wool balaclava or Neck gaitor/scarf
  • Synthetic/wool hat
  • Windproof cap with peak/ear protectors
  • Sun hat
  • Facemask


  • Gaitors (Gamaschen)
  • Synthetic/wool thin/thick long socks
  • Thin synthetic under socks  ( against blisters )
  • Sleep : woollen clothes and socks


  • Gloves (GoreTEx outside and Thinsulate inside, preferably ski/snowboard/mountain gloves with some grip)
  • Windproof over mitts
  • Synthetic/wool thermal mitts/ finger gloves
  • Down mitts
  • Thin (base layer) synthetic/wool mitts/gloves
  • Mitt/glove support (around neck)


  • Facial protection
  • Sun glasses/glacier glasses with sides
  • Spare glasses/lenses

Skin and Hygiene

  • Sun block, sun screen, fatty lip salve (no water)
  • Eye shield/Earplugs
  • Toilet/Hygiene kit, towel


  • Personal medication
  • 25  Litre rucksack
  • 1 Litre  water bottle
  • Waterproof bag (for camera equipment)
  • Film or memory cards

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