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Q: Update Coronavirus: I want to book a trip – can I do this risk free?

Yes, clients / travelers can book risk free and we give you the most simple, most flexible and easiest temporary solution:

For clients / travelers feeling insecure today, but still want to book with us, we offer to place free options.

No deposit is required for an option based on our principle of “right of first refusal” (ROFR). A deposit would only be due as soon as we have another committed customer request for the same cabin.

In this case, we would contact you (as option holder) and you are free to decide whether the booking should be made firm (against a deposit) or released (without cancellation fee).

This is an uncomplicated and fair principle for all sides.

Please note:

Customers who still wish to travel in the coming months must understand the potential risk that we cannot be made liable for any costs in case they are denied boarding, and that their travel insurance providers must cover any associated costs if they are unable to board or even have to return home due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide specific information about the restrictions imposed by each country due to COVID-19.

Heavy travel restrictions have been imposed in most countries along with self-quarantine requirements. This is in the responsibility for passengers to check ahead of their planned travel. Oceanwide Expeditions cannot be held liable for any shortcomings caused by restrictions outside the management of the company.

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