Simone Lebrun

Region: Antarktis

Reiseziele: Antarktische Halbinsel

Schiff: MS Plancius

The only badly organized event was the camping outside . Material obsolete : bivouac sack with no head protection from the snow , no sheet sacs provided ,thermalite mattress did not inflate....access to chemical toilet left far and no protection from the snow while walking on socks!!!
Oceanwide Expeditions

Kommentar von Oceanwide Expeditions

Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that our camping gear appeared not to be up to standard and must assume that a misunderstanding must have occurred in regards to our bivy bag. We use top quality Carinthia equipment for our camping operations which include an outer and an inner sleeping bag, a bivi-bag and an inner cotton liner that is exchanged after each night out. On top of that we have a regular closed cell foam mattress and a self-inflatable Therm-A-Rest mattress. Hel Sport Patagonia tents are available also should it be required. It is mentioned that our bivy-bags do not have head protection for snow. Here is how Carintha describes the XP Top, which is the model we use on board the Plancius and Ortelius: • “XP TOP • Watertight Shellproof outer shell • Highly breathable, soft and light Shelltex Ultra inner lining • Individually adjustable face opening • Middle zip” It is indeed a problem if Therm-A-Rest mattress did not inflate and it will be investigated and replaced if found malfunctioning. The camping toilet is always placed on the outskirts of camp to keep at least a minimum degree of privacy.

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