Giorgio Scala

Region: Antarktis

Reiseziele: Antarktische Halbinsel

Schiff: MS Ortelius

The Falklands - South Georgia - Antartica OTL29 has been one of my best trip ever. We've met very favourable weather and visited very interesting places, except for Port Stanley. The few setbacks are: 1) Non-understandable communication on the intercom (depending on the announcer); 2) Lack of normal height table to work with the computer; 3) The common areas are not very comfortable, with that on deck 3 more similar to a mausoleum that to a meeting area; 4) Dinner served at the table instead of the buffet takes a very long time, more than 45 minutes between starter and main course. Better the Buffet. 5) Why , on Carcass Island, make us waste a couple of hours to walk to the farm instead of spending the morning in the wild? Who cares about English style pastry served at 11:30 (with our lunch at 1:00 pm) instead of spending more time with our first penguins? For the rest, I can confirm that I will suggest to any interested friend to take this trip, because all the staff have been very professional and friendly, service and food were good, The itinerary well planned, although a faster ship may allow one day more in Antarctica.

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