Shazia McCormick

Region: Antarktis

Reiseziele: Antarktische Halbinsel

Schiff: MS Plancius

First and foremost, the entire crew was excellent. From hotel to kitchen to expedition guides, everyone was professional, knowledgeable and hard working. Having all the excursions (kayaking, mountaineering, etc.) included it made it stress free and a lot of fun. As an active person, I think this is the best way to see the continent. The food was very good, we were never hungry. I can't say enough about the expedition team, including the Leader Lynn. What an amazing bunch of people who were so friendly and made sure we all got the most out of the visit. We were in room 401 which is a twin superior with 2 windows (rear and port facing). This is a great room for lots of light and windows, and as a superior, included a few bottles of wine and snacks. The demographics of the passengers were great with ages ranging from 10 – 70 years old. Probably the average age was mid-40s which made it a lot of fun. If you have an adventurous streak and want to go to Antarctica on a smaller boat with lots of activities, do this!

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