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Antarctica - Polar Circle
Up to $3450 OFF

Antarctica - Polar Circle

Crossing the Polar Circle

PLA30-24 This Polar Circle and Antarctic Peninsula cruise passes through waters travelled by Humpback, Minke and Fin whales. Anchoring in various spots around the region, the expedition offers the chance to hike, kayak, and dive in the iceberg-heavy waters.

m/v Plancius

m/v Plancius

Cruise date:

25 Feb - 7 Mar, 2024

Berths start from:

5200 USD

Antarctica - Basecamp
Up to $5300 OFF

Antarctica - Basecamp

The best activity voyage in Antarctica

OTL31-24 The Antarctic Peninsula Basecamp cruise offers you a myriad of ways to explore and enjoy the Antarctic Region. This expedition allows you to hike, snowshoe, kayak, go mountaineering, and even camp out under the Southern Polar skies.

m/v Ortelius

m/v Ortelius

Cruise date:

4 Mar - 16 Mar, 2024

Berths start from:

5450 USD

Antarctica - Elephant Island - Weddell Sea - Polar Circle
Up to $6100 OFF

Antarctica - Elephant Island - Weddell Sea - Polar Circle

Venture beyond the polar circle, visiting some of Antarctica’s most wildlife-filled waters and islands

PLA31-24 This expansive expedition takes you into the Antarctic Circle, combining the rich animal life of the Weddell Sea with the surreal shores and islands of the Antarctic Peninsula. Such key landing sites as the legendary Elephant Island and Crystal Sound...

m/v Plancius

m/v Plancius

Cruise date:

7 Mar - 21 Mar, 2024

Berths start from:

6300 USD

Antarctica - Beyond the Polar Circle - Wilkins Ice Shelf

Visit places discovered by De Gerlache on his polar expedition onboard the Belgica

HDS30-24 This voyage explores a number of historically significant Antarctic areas, such as the very rarely visited Bellingshausen Sea, Marguerite Bay, and Alexander Island. We focus on places discovered by Adrien De Gerlache on his Belgian Antarctic Expedition...

m/v Hondius

m/v Hondius

Cruise date:

13 Mar - 28 Mar, 2024

Berths start from:

10400 USD

Antarctica - Polar Circle - Deep South Discovery Voyage
Up to $3300 OFF

Antarctica - Polar Circle - Deep South Discovery Voyage

Explore the farthest waters of the far south as you cross the Antarctic Circle in search of various whale species, including humpbacks, minkes, and fin whales

OTL32-24 This Polar Circle and Antarctic Peninsula cruise will take you further south of Antarctica, crossing the Polar Circe. This expedition cruise passes through waters travelled by Humpback, Minke and Fin whales. Anchoring in various spots around the region,...

m/v Ortelius

m/v Ortelius

Cruise date:

16 Mar - 29 Mar, 2024

Berths start from:

6800 USD

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What’s so Special about East Spitsbergen?

Though eastern Svalbard does not differ dramatically from the rest of the island group, the itineraries we follow there give you a different experience than our other Svalbard options.

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Customer story

Around Spitsbergen, in the Realm of the Polar Bear & Ice

There are journeys and there are journeys. This trip is one that falls in the latter category. I look back on a fantastic experience, during which the awareness of human behavior on this vulnerable planet (and especially the Arctic) became very clear to me.

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Antarctica & Arctic cruise reviews

by R Leroy
Amazing trip on Plancius with a highly professionnal team wether we consider the captain, the cleaning lady, the guides, the cooks and hotel staff in a remote and stunning environnement. Landscapes, weather/ambiance as it changes fast, wildlife...The whole combination is unique ! Read full review
by Steph Foraker
This was a dream trip for me and the wildlife, scenery, and remote stark beauty did not disappoint. The Expedition leader and guides were incredible! They shared so freely their great gifts of knowledge and respect for the earth and beings of it. Eduardo, you are the bomb. Thank you, Regis, Koen, Ilke, Helene, Koen, Michael, Tom! I most enjoyed that I felt so fully immersed in the magical, pristine, awe-inspiring places of Antarctica and the remote southern ocean islands we visited. The wildlife was fantastic, the penguin breeding colony numbers staggering, the seabirds so cool. The other birders I met on the trip were so nice and what fun seeing what new would show up each day. We were also lucky to have very good weather! This was a hugely expensive venture for me but it was a once in a lifetime trip, not to be missed. If you do this trip, go with few expectations, an open mind and heart, and just be in it. I like getting lost in a good book, but this was the real deal for 3 weeks. I am changed, upgraded, in the best ways.
Read full review
by Stefan Klemic
Lovely trip and well done by all the staff, they did a great job! Read full review
by Brett Rubin
We had absolutely the beat expedition leader in Chris. His knowledge of the landing sites was fantastic. We had extremely poor weather to start our expedition so Chris and the Captain flipped our voyage. Weather prevented us from making some landings but we were able to do ship cruising instead of Zodiac cruising, but safety is primary and you do what the Weather, wind and swell, allow you to do. Ours was a 19 night voyage and outside of the lectures and hopefully twice daily excursions, the evenings are boring. Definitely bring something to read or watch cause I didn't. Overall, this was a fantastic experience and trip, the only thing missing was my wife. Read full review
by gabriele merci
absolutely marvellous and completel overwhelming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read full review
by Phil Woollen
I'd been planning this trip since 1982 when I should have been going down to join the British Antarctic Survey. Events in the Falklands stopped that but I've been nurturing a wish to visit this stunning environment ever since and since my retirement I started planning. I wasn't disappointed the trip on the Plancius was everything I'd hope for and more. Stunning landscapes, fabulous wildlife, fantastic crew and guides, excellent food and a great group of like minded passengers. I'm already thinking about my next trip! Read full review

Frequently Asked Questions

An ice-strengthened ship is a ship made of steel. These ships are made to get through the ice at Antarctica and the Arctic. Nowadays, most of the ships that cruise to Antarctica and the Arctic are ice-strengthened ships. Ortelius and Plancius are both are ice-strengthened ships. Ortelius has the highest ice-class notation (UL1 equivalent to 1A) and is therefore very suitable to navigate in solid one-year sea ice and loose multi-year pack ice. Plancius has an ice-class notation of 1D.

Icebreakers are needed if there is a trade route to keep ice free, if there are military reasons for patrolling in areas with heavy sea ice or if you need to work in heavy ice conditions, particularly in winter. Icebreakers are expensive to build and very expensive in fuel to run (sometimes powered by gas turbines or a nuclear generator). They are uncomfortable to travel in on the open sea. 

All guests are required to wear a waterproof jacket and trousers (the clothing must be fully waterproof – water resistant or repellant is not suitable sufficient) while in our Zodiacs. This is for safety reasons owing to the increased risk of exposure related illness if you get wet. In Norwegian waters this is also a legal requirement – any person not properly dressed will not be permitted to leave the vessel.

Apart from that, our advice is to take warm, windproof clothes that you can easily add or remove in layers. Multiple layers of medium-warmth clothing provide more insulation than single heavier articles. This is due to warm air getting trapped between the layers and acting as further insulation. Look for clothing made of wool, silk, and new synthetic fibers, all of which retain heat better than other materials.

Layers give you the flexibility to control your temperature. The most important layer is the outer waterproof and windproof shell. More information about this can be found in our expedition manual, which you will receive at time of booking.

Our trips can best be described as expedition-style cruises. The emphasis is on viewing wildlife, visiting interesting locations, and participating in activities. For example, we may go to places where there is a good chance of seeing penguins or polar bears, or we may visit culturally significant sites or research stations, or we might embark on a kayaking trip or shoreline snowshoeing hike.

The aim is always to give you the utmost firsthand contact with the polar world. This is why we keep our program flexible, so that we can take the best possible advantage of local ice, weather, and wildlife conditions as they occur. No two voyages are the same. There is always an element of the unexpected in our trips.

When packing for an expedition cruise, avoid weighing yourself down with too much gear. Select informal, practical attire that can be worn in layers. Please ask for our expedition manual with detailed information on clothing lists, what to pack, and what to expect on our voyages.

Yes, we provide all passengers lightweight life jackets that inflate automatically on contact with the water. It is mandatory to wear these life jackets at all times while cruising in the Zodiac boats.

All promoted Arctic and Antarctica cruise itineraries are for general guidance only. Programs may vary depending on local ice, weather, and wildlife conditions. The expedition leader and captain make these decisions in order to provide you the safest and most exploratory experience. Landings may also change due to site availabilities and environmental regulations per IAATO or AECO.

We follow the protocol advised by IAATO. Before leaving for your voyage, please make sure anything you bring that may come into contact with the environment (clothes, equipment, etc.) is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. We ask that you do not sit, kneel, or lay down during our landings. Please also do not place anything on the ground. You will receive a document with further information after booking.

On this page you find all information you need to know about the avian influenza outbreaks, including biosecurity protocols.

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About Oceanwide Expeditions


Taking you closer to the heart of the polar regions has been our driving passion at Oceanwide Expeditions for over twenty years. Our knowledgeable cruise leaders, committed staff, and thoroughly outfitted vessels are our way of expressing what we care about most: making your cruise to the Arctic and Antarctic truly unforgettable. When you sail with us, you experience a part of the world that is unlike any other. Mountainous glaciers, snow-swept shores, whales and polar bears and vast colonies of penguins make up this world, and they are all part of the surreal ecosystem you can watch unfold before you on your future Oceanwide expedition.


Providing you a travel experience that inspires (and is inspired by) you, that’s what taking you closer to the heart of the polar regions means to us. We get you away from the vessel and into the action as fast as possible: up to two landings per day in the morning and afternoon, with a fleet of inflatable Zodiacs ready to shuttle you past the ice floes and onto the shore. We keep our programs flexible so that you get the most out of whatever surprises nature has in mind. When you sail with us, the cruise is just the tip of the iceberg. 


So what exactly is beneath the tip of that iceberg? The pioneering spirit, which all travelers to the polar regions (regardless of age and background) have in common. Guiding our expeditions with passion, tapping into the desire for inspiration and beauty, and always taking you closer to the heart of the Arctic and Antarctic – at Oceanwide Expeditions, that is our promise to you.

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