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Travel Ban Tales: How Polar Addicts Stay Busy During a Pandemic

Our guides, crews, and captains are patient people. They’re used to rolling with the punches, adapting to extraordinary conditions, and shif

Help Us Win with Your Vote

After winning last year's award, we could not be more pleased to be nominated for the thirteenth time

The Mesdag Phenomenon: Interview with a Polar Camp Guide

Polar expedition guides come in many form. Some are temporary seasonal workers who enjoy the freedom of the job in their youth but eventuall

A Plancius Family Visit

It was with great pride, then, that we recently welcomed descendants of Petrus Plancius to visit our headquarters in Vlissingen, Netherlands

Third Time’s a Charm: The Last Voyage of Willem Barentsz

A Dutch cartographer and navigator, Barentsz lived from about 1550 to 1597 in the region that eventually became the Netherlands.

What to Pack for Your Expedition Cruise to the Arctic or Antarctica

It’s easy to get confused about what to pack for a polar cruise. Some gear is provided by the expedition company and some is not, and it’s n

Rebuilding the Historic Vessel of Willem Barentsz

During lockdown, many of our expedition guides are making use of the extra time by preparing new lectures for the Arctic and Antarctic trave

Polar Travel Tips from Field Operations Manager Adam Turner

Adam Turner has many years of experience as an expedition leader. Here are his words of wisdom on what to do and not do during your Arctic o

Polar Travel Tips from Expedition Leader Ali Liddle

Ali Liddle - one of our expedition leaders - adds her own pearls of polar wisdom to our growing blogs of expedition travel tips.

Polar Travel Tips from Our Office Staff

While our guides and expedition leaders certainly have the most in-field experience when it comes to polar travel, many of our office staff

Oceanwide Expeditions enhances safety protocols in response to Covid-19

Oceanwide Expeditions is innovating a series of new safety protocols to assure the health and wellbeing of its guests continue to take top p

Oceanwide Removes Local Waste in Memory of Sarah Auffret

Oceanwide Expeditions joined numerous people around the world in the AECO-organized waste removal effort known as Cleanup for Sarah on June

Oceanwide Expeditions donates excess supplies to local food bank

Dutch polar travel operator Oceanwide Expeditions has donated the excess food stocked aboard its ships to Food Bank De Bevelanden in the Net

New ship Janssonius has its keel-laying ceremony

Today the newest vessel of Oceanwide Expeditions, m/v Janssonius, had its keel-laying ceremony, the traditional shipbuilding event that mark

Eight Antarctic Misconceptions

Some are funny, some unfortunate, some are so far from the truth it’s hard to see how anyone believed them.

Out of Antarctica, into the Outbreak

On the morning of March 18, Oceanwide vessels Plancius and Ortelius were returning north across the Drake Passage, bound for Ushuaia after A

Svalbard or Spitsbergen: What’s the Difference?

Outside the world of geopolitics or even polar travel, it’s probably not common knowledge that Svalbard and Spitsbergen are one in the same.

PLA32-20, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula, Basecamp

Our first day in Antarctica starts early. We get a morning call by Iain already at 6:30 a.m. We get dressed and head out to see our first de

OTL28-20, trip log, Ross Sea Odyssey

Highlights for two or three lucky zodiacs were a fluffy Light-mantled sooty albatross chick on a nest right at the edge of the island; and a

HDS31-20, trip log, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Elephant Island, Antarctica

The weather was blustery and bright. Rays of warm sun broke through the clouds but were punctuated by frequent squalls, rushing down from th