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Oceanwide Expeditions donates excess supplies to local food bank

Dutch polar travel operator Oceanwide Expeditions has donated the excess food stocked aboard its ships to Food Bank De Bevelanden in the Net

New ship Janssonius has its keel-laying ceremony

Today the newest vessel of Oceanwide Expeditions, m/v Janssonius, had its keel-laying ceremony, the traditional shipbuilding event that mark

Eight Antarctic Misconceptions

Some are funny, some unfortunate, some are so far from the truth it’s hard to see how anyone believed them.

Out of Antarctica, into the Outbreak

On the morning of March 18, Oceanwide vessels Plancius and Ortelius were returning north across the Drake Passage, bound for Ushuaia after A

Svalbard or Spitsbergen: What’s the Difference?

Outside the world of geopolitics or even polar travel, it’s probably not common knowledge that Svalbard and Spitsbergen are one in the same.

PLA32-20, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula, Basecamp

Our first day in Antarctica starts early. We get a morning call by Iain already at 6:30 a.m. We get dressed and head out to see our first de

OTL28-20, trip log, Ross Sea Odyssey

Highlights for two or three lucky zodiacs were a fluffy Light-mantled sooty albatross chick on a nest right at the edge of the island; and a

HDS31-20, trip log, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Elephant Island, Antarctica

The weather was blustery and bright. Rays of warm sun broke through the clouds but were punctuated by frequent squalls, rushing down from th

Six Arctic Seals

Owing to the large landmasses that populate the Northern Hemisphere, the Arctic has the most diverse wildlife of the planet’s polar regions.

Janssonius: Modern Ship, Historic Cartographer

Recently we announced the addition of a new expedition vessel to our fleet. Built to the same advanced standards as Hondius, this new ship w

PLA31-20, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula, Basecamp

The duty-free port flourishes with tourism but also thrives on a sizeable crab fishery and a burgeoning electronics industry. Ushuaia (liter

Hondius Photography and Video Workshops

There’s no shortage of great things to say about a Hondius expedition cruise, but among the best are the free video and photography workshop

Arctic on Foot: Hiking and Snowshoeing the Far North

The emphasis of our voyages is always getting you off the ship and into the action as often as possible. Although we travel from site to sit

PLA30-20, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula, Polar Circle

After 2 days in the Drake Passage, we got a lovely morning call early by Ali: "Good morning, the ship is surrounded by humpback whales!" Sl

International Polar Bear Day

It should come as no surprise that we're crazy about polar bears, but even our enthusiasm pales in comparison to that of Polar Bears Interna

HDS30-20, trip log, Antarctica - Learning and Discovery

The afternoon provided us all with the opportunity to finally stretch our legs at Port Charcot, the sight of the 1903-1905 overwintering Fre

Polar Bears and Pack Ice: 22 Pics from North Spitsbergen

Polar Bears and Pack Ice, Pronto: Pictures from North Spitsbergen

Seven Sublime Antarctic Bays

It’s pretty well known that Antarctica is very well known for its glaciers, icebergs, and panoramic colonies of penguins.

HDS29-20, trip log, Antarctica - Learning and Discovery Trip

Our first morning in the famous Drake Passage. For some it felt like the swell had woken them up like a baby in a cradle. However, there wer

PLA29-20, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula Explorer’s Voyage

Before dinner everyone got together in the lounge for our daily recap, the moment to explain more in depth about relevant topics, as well as

OTL27-20, trip log, Ross Sea Odyssey

The expedition to the Ross Sea had begun in earnest and at 6pm Captain Ernesto, came to the bar for a welcoming toast to the passengers and