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Hondius Photography and Video Workshops

There’s no shortage of great things to say about a Hondius expedition cruise, but among the best are the free video and photography workshops...

Arctic on Foot: Hiking and Snowshoeing the Far North

The emphasis of our voyages is always getting you off the ship and into the action as often as possible. Although we travel from site to site...

International Polar Bear Day

It should come as no surprise that we're crazy about polar bears, but even our enthusiasm pales in comparison to that of Polar Bears International.

Polar Bears and Pack Ice: 22 Pics from North Spitsbergen

Polar Bears, Pack Ice, and : Pictures from North Spitsbergen

Seven Sublime Antarctic Bays

It’s pretty well known that Antarctica is very well known for its glaciers, icebergs, and panoramic colonies of penguins.

Can’t Get Enough: Interview with Laurence Dyke

While we regularly interview our veteran expedition guides, we all too often overlook the youngbloods in our ranks. This does not accurately...

Hot Ice: Breeding Practices of Five Polar Animals

Last Valentine's Day we gave you 14 wildlife pictures highlighting the ins, outs, ups, and downs of polar romance. This year we're moving on...

Ancient Arctic Exploration

In terms of polar exploration, the Arctic has a far more extensive history of exploration than Antarctica.

Rembrandt van Rijn: 20 Facts about Our First Vessel

There’s a special place in the heart of most parents for their first child, and you could say we feel something similar for s/v Rembrandt van...

Penguin Wisdom: Life Lessons from Our Favorite Flightless Bird

As members of a polar travel company that focuses on wildlife, we believe every species has something important to teach us - from the largest...

10 Wise Ways to Kill Time in Tromsø

The town is more than worth a visit on its own merit, filled with enough exciting activities inside and out to justify arriving several days...

The Pack Ice and Polar Bears of North Spitsbergen

We’ve mentioned before that the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard is one of the best places to spot polar bears. We’ve also mentioned that the area’s...

The Man Behind the Ship: Hondius the Cartographer

We at Oceanwide Expeditions are pretty fond of exploration, explorers, maps, and mapmakers. Maybe you’ve noticed.

2019 Highlights: 41 Photos from a Prime Polar Year

If you overhear someone say, "It's been a good year," they're probably a farmer or financier or maybe even a wine producer. But we think polar...

Seizing the Season: Spitsbergen’s Late Spring, Early Summer

Most Arctic expedition cruises fall into two camps: those that sail during the autumn and winter and focus primarily on the northern lights,...

Antarctica by Air: Two Highly Uplifting Helicopter Cruises

Taking a polar expedition cruise delivers no shortage of show-stopping highlights, but one of the most exhilarating is lifting off from the ship...

How St. Nick Became Santa Claus and Moved to the North Pole

In the Netherlands, where we’re based, Sinterklaas is technically a celebration of the St. Nicholas feast day on December 6, while Christmas,...

Better Than Medicine: Interview with Dr. Veronique Verhoeven

Even if she’s only slipping you a few extra seasickness meds, your ship doctor can mean the difference between a comfortable expedition cruise...

15 Features, Figures, and Facts About Ortelius

It’s natural for parents to be proud of their children, if not biased. And we think the same can be said of polar travel companies and their...

Penguins, Petrels, and Prions: Top Antarctica Bird Tour Spots

If anyone ever tells you Antarctica is for the birds, they’re right.

A Veteran Guide: Interview with Arjen Drost

Arjen Drost has been a guide for Oceanwide Expeditions for nearly twenty years. And as any polar traveler can tell you, that’s a lot of water...

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