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The Dirty Details of Antarctica's Dry Valleys

Located on the western coast of McMurdo Sound, the McMurdo Dry Valleys form the largest ice-free (relatively) area in Antarctica.

10 Tips for Top Northern Lights Photography

Though the northern lights are a heavenly wonder best experienced first-hand, they also represent some of the most amazing photographic oppo

Orcas (aka Killer Whales) of Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic

Orcas, also known as killer whales, are found in every ocean but are most abundant in the Southern Ocean. Their population is estimated to b

Solargraphy & Pinhole photography in the Arctic

The breakfast room fills up with SeesNL participants. Everyone is excited and ready to leave, however we have to wait until the afternoon to

What the ice reveals about Antarctica

Antarctica is not just an ice-covered continent with penguins, whales and seals. Under the thick ice are hidden freshwater lakes that contai

Adélie penguins in the Ross Sea - Antarctica

The Adélie penguin population in the Ross Sea is reported to be the highest in 30 years with up to a million Adélie penguin pairs breeding i

A Look Into the International Research Stations of Antarctica

There are currently 70 permanent research stations scattered across the continent of Antarctica, which represent 29 countries from every con

Second to the South Pole: Scott’s British Antarctic Expedition (1910-1913)

When Captain Robert Falcon Scott embarked on his second and final expedition to Antarctica in 1910, he was already a famous Antarctic explor

9 Facts about the Greenland Shark

The Greenland shark, or Somniosus microcephalus, is one of many fish that live in the waters around Greenland, though this is not the only a

The bio-richness of the Ross Sea

The Ross Sea is one of the most beautiful and pristine marine regions in the world. The sea – which is frozen solid for much of the year – c

Spitsbergen: a true polar bear trip

On the third day of our Svalbard cruise, we were sailing the sea ice north of Spitsbergen. It was an incredible day, calm and scenic. We mar

A year in the life of an Oceanwide Expedition Guide

When I was growing up, I’m sure the idea of becoming a guide and travelling around the world didn’t even cross my mind. It’s not the most co

In polar travel, choice of clothing can mean life or death

With temperatures like this, it is vital to be prepared. In fact, it is life threatening if you aren’t. My first impulse, when planning my j

12 photo tips to make better pictures on your Antarctica cruise

In this article you get 12 photo tips from Oceanwide Expeditions to make better pictures on your trip.

Ski mountaineering: a new activity onboard m/v Ortelius in Antarctica

Ski mountaineers climb high snow-covered and glaciated peaks and viewpoints, mostly roped up in small groups. It’s a thrilling experienced f

Oceanwide Expeditions cleans shores of Svalbard

Oceanwide Expeditions completed the first “Cleaning the Shores of Svalbard” trip of the Svalbard cruise industry.

Polar bear encounter in Spitsbergen

A mother and two cubs move closer to the ship. The ice a bit thin and rotten around her with many holes and leads visible, yet, she seems to

The Small Mammals of the Arctic and Antarctica

There may not be any naturally occurring land mammals living in Antarctica right now, but this does not mean that the icy area was always li

11 Seals You May See in Antarctica or the Arctic

There are 18 species in the family of True Seals (Phocidae) currently alive throughout the world, and a total of 10 of them can be found bet

Wandering in Fields of Ice – Around Svalbard

To see a healthy and strong polar bear in its natural habitat is a delight. The power of this bear was perceivable from our vantage point on

Six Facts About the Crabeater Seals of Antarctica

As many as 75 million individual crabeater seals live in Antarctica, making them the most abundant seal in the world.