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The Emperor Penguin of the Drake Passage

There are certain moments in life when a series of events combine to create an experience that is both unexpected and unforgettable. These a

The First Women in Antarctica

Though the list of explorers, scientists, and scientific expeditions in Antarctica is as extensive as it is impressive, it has also been ove

Leonard Hussey’s Banjo: brain food

The Endurance had been trapped in pack ice for 10 months when Sir Ernest Shackleton gave the order to abandon ship on 27 October 1915. He al

Roald Amundsen’s polar exploits

Roald Amundsen had been, unlike Scott, dedicated to exploration ever since he was 15 years old reading about Franklin’s Arctic expeditions.

10 Books and Films To Prepare for your Antarctica cruise

Stunning landscapes. Marvellous wildlife. Astounding human survival stories. Here's a list of books and films that contain all of that. If y

Of Treacherous Rocks & Audacious Fin Whales

The morning dawned beautiful and calm, the Plancius weaving her way through the seas ever nearing Antarctic Sound. The waters were fantastic

Ushuaia: The Little-Known History of Antarctica's Gateway

Ushuaia's official birth date is October 12, 1884. On that day, the Argentine Commodore Augusto Lasserre established the sub-division of Ush

Information with regards to the Zika virus

On January 15, 2016, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) upgraded their Zika virus travel health notice to "Alert Level

Iceberg Encounters in Antarctica

When we told friends and family that we were going to Antarctica for Christmas and the New Year there were a couple of instant, if a little

Coming Back from the Brink: The Fur Seals of Antarctica

Once hunted to the brink of extinction, the Antarctic fur seal is one of the most populous and charismatic species of seal found in Antarcti

Abandoned Antarctica: Five Remarkable Stations Left Behind

For centuries, the most extreme scientists, explorers, fishermen, and travellers have called Antarctica home. The continent is peppered with

A special visit to Orcadas Station

During our 19-day cruise on board Ortelius to the Falkland Islands, to South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula, we had the opportunity to

The Small but Social Commerson’s Dolphin

Despite the fact that Commerson's dolphins are among the least-known Antarctic cetaceans, these small but social dolphins go by several diff

Antarctica’s Hourglass Dolphin

Hourglass dolphins are very rare, and yet they are not included in the threatened or endangered species list. Why? First, their habitat is t

The First Buildings in Antarctica: Borchgrevink’s Historic Huts

Borchgrevink’s huts at Cape Adare are notable not only for their important role in the discovery of Antarctica, but also because they were t

Everything you need to know about Antarctic icebergs

When one imagines icebergs, the first image that usually comes to mind is that of an immense spiky iceberg, majestically floating in the fre

The first race to the South Pole in 50 years

James Clark Ross’s British Royal Navy expedition of 1839-1843 launched the most successful expedition to Antarctica by pioneering an entry i

(Nearly) Stuck in the Antarctic Ice

We are at the bottom of deep sleep, gently lullabyed throughout the night by the rhythmic swaying of the Ortelius on a glass smooth Ross Sea

The Norse Settlement of Greenland

Erik the red is a very colourful and important figure in the history of the Norse Vikings. The source for his story is found in the Icelandi

Protecting the heritage of Discovery Hut, Hut Point Antarctica

One building that became a testament to scientific endeavour is Discovery hut at Hut Point, on Ross Island. Discovery hut was Robert Falcon

Weddell seals: The data collectors scientists of Antarctica

Weddell seals inhabit some of the coldest and darkest waters deep within the Ross Sea ice, making them the southernmost naturally occurring