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Around Spitsbergen, in the Realm of the Polar Bear & Ice

There are journeys and there are journeys. This trip is one that falls in the latter category. I look back on a fantastic experience, during

In the evening, a hit: three minke whales

Until that day, we had seen very few whales from Plancius, the ship on which we spent a week near Svalbard.

Crossing, Kayaking, Camping: Three Antarctic Adventures

Crossing the Drake Passage rewards thousands of tourists every year with one of the most incredible paradises on planet Earth!

Greenland: Land of Superlatives

On September 16th, I flew to Iceland and spent an evening in Reykjavik, then crossed the island for the town of Akureyri the next day.

Sights and Sounds of Spitsbergen Aboard the New Hondius

Looking out over the pack ice after reaching 80 degrees north, this was the moment when I really felt like I was in the Arctic.

Hondius Around Spitsbergen

We are Ximena and Michelle, tour operators from the Dutch company Norge Reiser. It was our first time in the Arctic, and we were very excite

An Incredible Adventure on a Tall Ship

Ever since discovering Svalbard on the map a little over a year ago, I had felt a desperate need to explore this Arctic archipelago for myse

Basecamp Plancius: A True Antarctic Adventure

It was New Year’s Eve, and I was dressed in a full-body penguin suit, making my way to the buffet. We were three days into our cruise aboard

Antarctica and My Old Friend, Ortelius: Passenger Story by Ann Lane

I was on the recent Antarctic trip on Ortelius, 16 Feb - 7 March. This has been my third expedition with Oceanwide, and I continue to be ver

Cruise to Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula 3rd – 22nd December 2018

The first day was spent sailing towards the Falkland Islands, and on the second morning I woke to a bright day and was up on deck to see us

Expedition in the Norwegian Arctic

Three big sails were set, the wind was blowing hard, and with frozen tears in my eyes, I could do nothing else but smile. Smile and think to

Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia: A Birding Perspective

Southern Giant Petrels zoomed around, and there were some interesting birds in the bay itself, notably Great Grebes. Three South American Se

There’s No Place like North Norway

As a cruise specialist for Grand Nord Grand Large, I’ve had the opportunity to cruise the seven seas and dozens of rivers all around the wor

A New Take on North Norway

Having returned from a week in Northern Norway on s/v Noorderlicht, my husband and I felt the need to write a trip log of our experiences. (

No Landing Today

Together with some 100 fellow passengers, I am aboard the vessel Ortelius on a whale safari to Fair Isle, Jan Mayen, and Svalbard.

Plancius and the Polar Bug

Standing on the outer deck of Plancius as we sailed out of Longyearbyen, I looked down to see a puffin staring back at me. It was bobbing ne

Research in the Arctic

At Wageningen Marine Research, we are working with our international partners to monitor ecological changes in the Arctic. Our research on t

Es war meine erste Expeditionsfahrt überhaupt und sie hinterliess tiefe Spuren in mir

Dies betraf nicht nur die perfekte Organisation an Bord, die abwechslungsreiche Verpflegung, das zwanglose Miteinander von Crew und Reisende

Right up with the Best: Oxford to Arctic with Roly Pitts

Having returned to a rather hot Oxford after 12 days of exploring Arctic islands on a century-old historic schooner, I decided to pen a few

El mejor viaje de nuestra vida

Estuvimos en Spitsbergen el pasado 1 de junio hasta el día 10, navegando en el precioso barco velero Rembrandt. Ha sido una experiencia inol

Antarctica - The Trip of a Lifetime

Antarctica - The Trip of a Lifetime