Video Workshops

Make movies out of your most memorable polar moments, preserving them for years to come

Video Workshops

Sharpen your polar video skills on m/v Hondius

Capture the sights, sounds, and action of one of the most cinematic regions on the planet. 

On select Hondius voyages, you can take part in engaging video workshops that teach you how to make polar motion pictures worthy of a sequel. Informative, entertaining, and entirely free of charge (included in your booking), these workshops are sure to inform and entertain both newcomers and seasoned videographers alike.

How our Hondius video workshops work

Hondius video workshops are led by dedicated expedition guides, focusing on onboard lectures and practical activities you can directly apply in the polar wilderness. 

Not only will you learn the basics of videography and become more familiar with your own recording equipment, you'll also learn how to maximize the capabilities of that equipment to make the terrain and its wildlife come alive in your videos. 

What you'll need for Hondius video workshops

You will need to bring your own video device to participate in these workshops.

Choosing the right camera is chiefly a matter of personal taste, and learning on video equipment you're already comfortable with will allow you to focus more on good technique than the camera functions themselves.