Esperanza Base

An Argentine research station and one of only two civilian settlements in Antarctica

Esperanza Base

Región: Antártida

Destinos: Mar de Weddell

Esperanza Base, an Antarctic research station

An occasional landing site during our Antarctica cruises, Esperanza Base is a fascinating location for a friendly visit. The base was built in 1953 and houses about 55 scientists, roughly 10 families and two school teachers, and has 43 buildings. Upwards of 1,100 tourists visit Esperanza each year. Research topics at Esperanza Base include glaciology, seismology, and biology, among others.

Research station Esperanza Base in Antarctica

Noteworthy features of Esperanza Base

In 1978, the first person to be born in Antarctica was born at Esperanza Base. At least ten other children have been born at Esperanza since then. Also, four items designated Antarctic Historical Sites or Monuments are located at Esperanza Base: a grotto with a statue of the Virgin of Lujan, a bust of General San Martin, a flagpole raised in 1955, and a cemetery with a stele honoring Argentine expedition crew who’ve died in the area.

Bust of General San Martin at Esperanza Base

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