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door Shashi Uniyal

Thank you to our expedition team for their passion & enthusiasm about all things 'Antarctic'. Also fellow divers that shared lovely underwater images with 'landlubbers' like myself!

door Georg Reitmeier

Eine Reise , die meine Frau und ich nie mehr vergessen werden. Unsere Erwartungen wurden bei weitem übertroffen. Egal ob es die Tierwelt oder die Natur betrifft. Man kann die Reise nur schwer mit Worten

door paolo valentini

extraordinary journey, excellent food, very silent and confortable ship, exceptional crew and staff!!! recommended

door Cuni van Tergouw

It was a wish my husband and I had to go to Antarctica, and this March we finally went. We had high hopes and we can only conclude that this journey exceeded all our expectations. We have never had such a ma

door Hans Jürg Frei

Perfekt. Danke für das einmalige Erlebnis.

door Susan Supran

Exciting wonderful trip. Crew. Excellent

door Anne Ardillo

Our trip with Oceanwide Expeditions to the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica peninsula exceeded our expectations. The entire staff was first class and most importantly all were happy and excited to be

door John Urbach

It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I got to see things I could only imagine in my dreams. Sailing on the ship and the zodiac landings were so much fun. The crew was very professional and

door Isabel Robertson

Wonderful small boat, with lots of decks. Amazing Filipino staff, great food (a little too many herbs maybe), bread, cheese, vegetables. Exceptional: Andrew Bishop, Beau Preneau, Dr. Rogier Burggraaff, Capt.

door Anne Gosewehr

You have to go there to be able to comprehend this vastness and beauty of Antarctic. Its true what people say, Antarctica leaves a mark in your appreciation of nature. And the expedition team went out of the

door Gunda Narang

The organization on the ship was first class. Cooperation between staff at all levels was superb. Zodiac trips and lectures were outstanding, and, if special sights or adventures were expected, a 5 am wake-u

door Simone Lebrun

The only badly organized event was the camping outside . Material obsolete : bivouac sack with no head protection from the snow , no sheet sacs provided ,thermalite mattress did not inflate....access to chem

door Giorgio Scala

The Falklands - South Georgia - Antartica OTL29 has been one of my best trip ever. We've met very favourable weather and visited very interesting places, except for Port Stanley. The few setbacks are: 1)

door John Joseph Borg

As a seabird specialist, Antarctica has been on top of my bucket list for the last 25 years and this was the right time in my life to visit the white continent. After a full year of preparations the day came

door Barbara Ferrari

I was ready for a dream ... and the dream suddenly become real ! I loved this cruise, and I will never forget it. Each person I met, and the crew, we shared a wonderful time.