Gemiddelde beoordeling gebaseerd op 1.050 reviews
Gemiddelde beoordeling gebaseerd op 1.050 reviews





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door Mike Collard

An immense trip; stunning and a lifetime objective achieved; all the staff were quite superb and friendly. I thought the food was a times not so good; too much cheesy, saucy stuff and not nearly enough vegetables. One of the hand cleaners dispensers was not full so I am sure some did not bother; there was a bug going through the group sadly............................ But this did not detract from an amazing trip; thanks to all

door Kathleen Van Der Aue

Our trip on the Plancius was great fun. The cabin was adequate and the food was good. Most of the staff were gracious and helpful. I particularly enjoyed Bill's Art of the Sea presentations. One thing disappointed me, the lack of an emphasis on birds. You have a bird expert on board but he gave no lecture, not even a daily bird checklist gathering. I noted a lot of curiosity about the birds as I mixed with the other guests and I think this would be well received. In the future I suggest you include one lecture on the birds we can be expected to see and a daily checklist (usually in the lounge before dinner from my previous experience on similar trips). Thank you for the opportunity to visit this unique environment.

door Ilka Merten-Warnke

Eine unvergeßliche Reise vom 9 -16.Juni 2016 Eisbärenspecial auf der Ms Plancius. Der Expeditionsleiter und seine Guides,sowohl die gesamte Crew haben uns eine unvergeßliche Woche bereitet. Dankeschön an Oceanwide Expeditions

door Carmen Vladar

Diese Reise war einfach wunderschön! Das Wetter war herrlich, wir haben sehr viele Eisbären, Vögel, Rentiere, Walrosse, sogar einen Blau- und einen Finwal gesichtet. Absolut toll war das Wissenschaftler-Team an Bord, das für alle Fragen zur Verfügung stand. Es gab tolle Zodiacfahrten zur Tierbeobachtung, gute Vorträge der Wissenschaftler und zwei sehr schöne Wanderungen. Ausgezeichnet war auch die Küche an Bord, aber wie sollte es mit einem österreichischen Küchenchef anders sein?! :-) Ich kann jedem diese schöne, abwechslungsreiche Reise nur empfehlen! Die Eindrücke sind imposant, wenn man Ruhe, Eis und (etwas) Kälte mag!

Mijn expeditie van 9 tot en met 16 juni 2016 was grandioos, fantastisch, adembenemend, spectaculair en magisch. De Plancius is een prima schip met alle benodigde faciliteiten en uitstekend, veeltalig, personeel. De staff doet er alles aan om het de passagiers zo aangenaam mogelijk maken te maken tijdens de expeditie. De landingen/vaartochten met de zodiacs zijn avontuurlijk, het varen door het ijs is adembenemend mooi, het zien van ijsberen/walrussen/robben/walvissen/tientallen soorten vogels is indrukwekkend. Dit is echt een uitzonderlijke trip waarover ik geen enkele klacht heb. De lezingen aan boord zijn ook interessant en geven een extra dimensie aan jouw aanwezigheid in dit prachtige, nog behoorlijk ongerepte, gebied.

Fantastic week in the Arctic with the great crew and Captain of the Plancius. Another vessel, the MV Expedition, was in Svalbard the same time as us and they saw zero bears! We saw 25 and I think that can be put down to the hard work of the expedition leader and his team and the Captain of the Plancius. The Captain is always considers safety but at the same time does everything he can to ensure the customers have a great trip. This was our second time on the Plancius (Antarctic 2014) with the same captain and some of the same crew. Excellent service and attention to detail.

A dream nurtured for 13 years finally came true and I visited Antarctica. The crew of the Plancius ensured that out expedition surpassed all expectations - from the briefings, information, help and totally commitment to ensure that we walked away smiling. Being a vegetarian, I was a little anxious however I was pleasantly surprised to see that so were many passengers as well as Sonja - one of the expedition team. We also had vegan passengers. All were catered for. The food was excellent: for all 10 days and no two meals were ever the same. Variety and flavours were amazing. The zodiac landings were always handled professionally and assistance provided at every stage for those who needed it. I was impressed with their patience in dealing with passengers of varying needs. We saw Antarctica and its wildlife and some of its history. The parties near the end of the expedition were fab and it was good to see the expedition team having fun and interacting with the passengers. My first cruise/expedition and I am sold on the experience. Loved every moment. Thank you to all the team and oh I loved the log.

door Nicole Versteeg

What a great trip! Warm people, fantastic ship, beautiful animals, great weather, wonderful nature, very friendly crew/staff .... This was a very special experience. Plenty of time to do whatever you want, take marvellous pictures, well experienced staff and vegan menus on demand. I loved the zodiac trips, landings, guides and there was a wedding as well! I enjoyed it very much from beginning to end and if the opportunity arises I will definitely join the MV Plancius again! Thanks to all!

door Valmar Kurol

A fantastic place to be on a clear day. One of the highlights of the Ross Sea trip, if the weather allows.

door Henning Junger

Great Experience, unforgettble expeditions, Excellent Crew, very good meals, Plan to upload photos and review later Thanks to outstanding crew: marine, hotel, expeditions... Greetings Evelyn and Henning Junger Austria

door Ian Buckley

I agree with Daniel, same cabin! All about the trip was fantastic, including my travel-mates. Yes the crew/staff/guides/Doctor were first class, but the real bonus was the way people mixed and joined in. All in all, SUPERB. PS a big shout for my two restaurant buddies!!!

door Li Wang

So excellent,had so many activists,u will enjoy them so much.but the weather that time someday not so good and the food normal compair to my friends' ships,but the prize is good.


Excellent trip. Excellent crew and organization. Great lectures and great food. Thank you !!

door Veerle Verbeeck

This was an amazing trip. Needless to say that Antarctica is an unbelievable destination to visit and all parts of the trip were perfect. Friendly crew, knowledgeable expedition team who were kind and always present, the entire trip was very well organised with clear information at every stage during the voyage. With high focus on respect for the environment. I was also very lucky that the atmosphere amongst the passengers was very nice. Definitely a trip and a ship worth experiencing.

door tristan schwartz

Very good trip. Very good crew, friendly and professional. Very good food. Landscape is wondeful. Bedroom are clean. But : - We didn't go to ukrainian base of Vernadsky while it was written that we go. - Some people had paid 2000 euros less than me because they booked last minute. - We didn't see Horn Cape while we wasn't far. - The bedroom is too much small for three people.