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door Jörg M. Seifert

We were standing in the midst of thousands of penguins, seeing seals, sea-leppards and sea-elephants. Whales, close to touch and birds who were not afraid of humans. In the storm, we were seasick before we c

door Andrew Gellert

Outstanding 19 days. Fabulous expedition leader David Berg and Assistant Katja Riedel. All the expedition guides gave of their all with hugely informative lectures, great zodiac cruises and careful attention

door cossart marc

Difficult in a short space to explain a trip like that, specially if English is not your first language.. For me, that was what I have expected, the weather was correct, that permits helicopter tours, but to

door Anne Maritta Koskela

Excellent trip to Antarctic!

door Dick Rosen

The Antarctica Peninsula was a spectacular destination, with beautiful landscape of glaciers, icebergs, mountains, channels and intriguing wildlife. We were fortunate to have witnessed three prolonged siting

door Erika Hahn

Unsere Reise zum anderen Ende der Welt - tolle Adventure-Crew, viele und gut ausgewählte Informationen, sehr gute und auch individuelle Betreuung, alle sorgten für das Wohl und hohe Erlebnisqualit&

door Kathrin Freise

This year in january I have been onboard of the Noorderlicht for my second time. The new owners are amazing. One day we had lots of orcas and humpbacks around the ship - wow. Unfortunately we were not so luc

door stefania saporetti

One of the best trips of my life. Pure beauty and strength of mother nature. The weather was very kind to us and we fully realize how blessed we have been. Perfect organization, excellent team (guides, ship

door Declan baharini

We had the most amazing adventure travelling to Antarctica with MV Plancius. A great, small expedition ship, with a brilliant sailing crew and wonderful expedition staff. The trip was meant for active travel

door Luise Buisman

My trip to Antarctica on the Plancius 2016/17 was the most wonderful trip of my life. I love the Plancius, have also been to Spitsbergen on her. It is an excellent ship, homey yet graceful, the crew and the

door Barry Lubin

The voyage was way more fantastic than I had anticipated in terms of majestic beauty, ambience on board, friendly staff and crew, accessibility to the Peninsula with 10 landings, the maximum possible, close

door Elizabeth Turton

Words are not adequate. Astounding scenery - surprising colourful Falklands, historic South Georgia with so many penguins, majestic islands, fascinating and colourful icebergs, sea ice and bergy bits - how man

door Lorraine Mykitiuk

I cannot say enough good words about this trip, including what I saw, experienced and learned, and about the Captain, crew and all the staff who made it n amazing experience. The Captain always found a way for

door Allan Reid

We were lucky in having good weather the whole trip. The morning of our arrival the scene was breathtaking and only got better from there on. We keep telling friends that to look at pictures or video is only

door Fiona Shang

The grandeur of Antarctica is beyond any words or pictures. In the undisturbed tranquility, isolated to the notion of timelessness, I was in awe of its magnificence and our insignificance, and my mind become