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The Plancius Adventure

Our days sailing towards the Falkland Islands were full of activities and wildlife sightings, including a romping group of Peale’s dolphins off...

A Guide’s Take on the Emperor Penguins of Snow Hill Island

Life is full of decisions, choices, goals, and dreams. These are the things that drive us to attempt something even when we know the odds of...

Taking Chances: a New Lesson from the Arctic

Some days just don’t get off to a good start. Today was one of them. Our vessel, m/v Plancius, had spent the night sailing toward Phippsøya,...

A special visit to Orcadas Station

During our 19-day cruise on board Ortelius to the Falkland Islands, to South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula, we had the opportunity to make...

A year in the life of an Oceanwide Expedition Guide

When I was growing up, I’m sure the idea of becoming a guide and travelling around the world didn’t even cross my mind. It’s not the most common...

After-Dinner Walruses

It seems luck was with us when Ortelius arrived at Ardneset on the southwest tip of Wahlbergøya. An announcement by expedition leader Rinie Maurs...

Jupiter and Venus visible during the Solar Eclipse in Spitsbergen

We’re nicely on time, we’ve got time to set our camera’s, fix our filters and make sure all batteries work and the memory cards are empty. Then,...

Exploring Borchgrevink’s hut at Cape Adare Antarctica

I pointed, “Look!” My exclamation broke the reverential hush inside the first human habitation on the Antarctic continent, heads turned quizzically....

Advanced Antarctica: The Ross Sea

Being an arm’s length from the world’s largest penguin, the famous though elusive Emperor, is a life-changing experience! And being inside Scott’s...

Diving with the leopard

I found myself eyeball to huge, black eyeball with this mighty seal - it hung in the water, slowly twisting and gazing at me, that huge crooked...

A Perfect Polar Day: Camping under Antarctic Stars

It's the end of another magical day on the Antarctic Peninsula, and all that remains is to pitch camp for the night.

Zodiac cruising into Perlerfiup Kangalua, Greenland

It was an afternoon in July 2012 and the Rembrandt van Rijn slowly sailed into Perlerfiup Kangalua just south of the Wegener Peninsula.

The last remaining wildernesses on our planet are my passion.

About 15 years ago Oceanwide Expeditions gave me the opportunity to return to the Polar regions on their expedition cruise vessels, to guide...

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