Kerstin Berger

Regio: Arctis

Bestemmingen: Spitsbergen

Highlights: IJsbeer

This journey was really save and very well organized. I already booked my next trip to antarctic out of this experience! Nature and animals really respected. Atmosphere on board very good (feeling free on one side, good communication and kind exchange on the other side). Ship and cabin very clean (I'm German), the team very kind and ambitious without coming too near, knowing our names, glutenfree food was never a problem. Enough shoes available, even for later changes and very small lady feet. Some of us: cold feet while standing and watching animals on land. We saw 8 polar bears, 5 male at one place, some had just fed a seal (there we spent 3 hours watching and having time for photos, the ship turned the position to the best light for this). Walrusses we saw in the water and on land, both relativly near, whales very nearby the ship and on zodiak as well. we climbed a little bit and saw many reindeers there, two of them fighting a litte bit, many birds along our ship, the glacier in the best light, wonderful colours from the light of sunest, cristals of ice on the whole ship during our amazing packeis trip to a very north position. weather was very good, very good and far view.

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