Janice Roach

Regio: Arctis

Bestemmingen: Spitsbergen

Schip: m/v Plancius

A trip into the unknown and wow couldn't have been better. The mv Plancius is a lovely ship with plenty of room, very good cabins and social areas and excellent amount of viewing space at different levels. Food very good, all the crew worked very hard and had learnt your name and room number within 24 hours! Expedition staff very informative, we manage to see 99% of the wildlife we all come to see with a few extras thrown in. The weather apparently was a bit of an issue but plan B (C,D,E and I think F) came in to play, I certainly wasn't disappointed if we couldn't do what was originally planned as something else was organised very quickly. The log which had been written during the trip was a great idea and lovely keep sake. Would definitely recommend this trip and vessel

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