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Knowing where to find and download promotional content for our polar voyages can sometimes be daunting, but our Agent Sales Files page will make it quick and easy. Not only will you find a comprehensive list of our various manuals, brochures, and other important content at this page, but you can also download these items or follow links to dedicated pages at our customer website.

See below a list of promotional content divided by type, followed by the benefits you can enjoy using our Partner Portal system. The content provided here is always kept up to date, so you can rest assured the information you’re passing on to your clients is always the latest and most accurate.

Brochures Corporate brochure
Program files Dates and rates including the day-by-day itinerary
Manuals Basecamp manual, Antarctica
  Basecamp manual, Arctic
  Camping manual
  Digital Personal Information Form (PIF) manual
  Expedition manual
  Hiking manual
  Kayaking manual
  Kayak Skills Progression Camp manual
  Mountaineering manual
  Photo workshop manual
  Polar diving manual
  Ski mountaineering manual
Videos Oceanwide Expeditions labelled videos. White-labelled videos are available in the Partner Portal.
Terms & Conditions Oceanwide Expeditions Travel terms and Conditions
Vessel images m/v Hondius
  m/v Ortelius
  m/v Plancius
  s/v Rembrandt van Rijn
Vessel information Detailed vessel information and deck plans
Presentation General Presentation Oceanwide Expeditions

Partner Portal for agents and agencies

What advantages does our Partner Portal have for you?

Our website’s Partner Portal is designed to enhance your relationship with Oceanwide Expeditions, making it easier to know our latest trip dates and rates, download useful content like itineraries and manuals, and get a wide variety of great pics and marketing-friendly videos.
But to get the most out of our Portal, it helps to know its key functions...

Dates & rates updates as they occur

Our cruise dates and rates are always updated on a moment-by-moment basis in our Portal, and all are available for PDF download. This provides you the most accurate info about which cabins are available for male and female passengers to share.

Various content available for download

Dates and rates aren’t the only items you can download from our Portal. You can also get other content to help market to your clients, including but not limited to the following...

  • Day-by-day itineraries: Available in English but many also in Dutch, German, and Spanish as our translation work progresses.
  • Activity manuals: Useful guides describing core activities offered on select voyages, such as kayaking, snowshoeing, camping, and more.
  • Ship details: Thorough vessel descriptions that show deck plans, cabin types, and other relevant info to help your clients choose the right vessel for them.

Photos & videos for your marketing needs

Our Portal also offers an extensive collection of photos and videos to help you market OEX voyages on your channels. White-labeled items are all available for download and include such content as route maps, activity photos, and trip galleries, to name a few.

Giving your clients the polar trip of a lifetime is now faster and easier than ever thanks to our website’s Partner Portal. See below some of the great functions you can benefit from.

Get streamlined booking and financial details

Using your personal agent Portal, you can make a booking under your agency name, see all your booking history, and get a clear financial overview with outstanding deposits and balance payments. In other words, you get the key functions all in one place:

  • Book a cruise
  • Booking history
  • Financial overview

Generate PIFs (personal information forms) for your clients

To save time and trees, you can generate digital PIFs for your polar travelers directly from our Portal. Get all the info about how this works at our digital PIF blog, which is available in our Portal.

Updated digital PIF features to make life even easier

We’ve also added new Portal functionalities that allow you to generate PIFs in bulk, include our scuba diving questionnaire with them, and more. Check out our PIF updates blog available in our Portal, for details.

Give your agency the Partner Portal edge

Creating a Partner Portal account grants you access to multiple website functions otherwise unavailable, saving you time and effort as you zero in on the perfect polar adventure for your clients.

In our key functionalities blog, available in our Portal, you can see even more. Check out some of our Portal’s numerous other perks below.

Install all available trips (or a selection) in your preferred language

One of the more useful advantages of our Portal is that you can install all our currently available trips or a filtered selection of them in various languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, or German. Not only that, these trips will automatically update when we change anything about them.

Your agency webmaster can add a trip feed on your company website that provides these updates, ensuring that you have all necessary info moment by moment.

Get notified of cruise changes via email with one tick of a box

In addition to the trip feed mentioned above, our Portal also enables you to receive email notifications of trip changes as they occur. When logged in to your personal account, just tick “I would like to receive cruise changes in my box” and you’re all set.

Are you a visual learner? Take a video tour of Partner Portal

We’re so certain you will find our Portal useful that we have even created a brief tutorial video explaining its core functions. You can find this info and more in our Portal.

Check out our Portal today and see its many tools for giving your clients the polar trip of a lifetime. If you don’t have a partner account yet, please follow the steps in the manual, or click on the button below.

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