Green Turtles of Ascension Island

Meet some of the world’s largest green turtles in one of their prime nesting areas

Green Turtles of Ascension Island

Regio: Antarctica

Bestemmingen: Ascension Eiland

Ascension Island’s green turtle treasure

Despite Ascension’s long and varied history, it is perhaps the green turtles for which this remote South Atlantic island is most known – at least among wildlife lovers. The Ascension Island turtles, which grow beyond one meter long (3.2 feet), are some of the largest green turtles in the world, feeding in the shallow sea-grass fields off the Brazilian coast.

Green turtle on Ascension Island

The turtle egg events of Ascension Island

Each year several thousand green turtles find their way to Ascension Island to lay their eggs in the sandy beaches, and it is in these locations that you stand the chance to see them coming on shore at night. Naturally, this phenomenon presents a wonderful opportunity for nature photographers, but we kindly ask that you keep the below policy in mind:

Flash photography of green turtles is not permitted on Ascension Island.

Close-up of a green turtle on Ascension Island

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