Weddell Sea Helicopter Flights

See the awesome beauty of Antarctica from the skies and discover what all those seabirds are raving about

Weddell Sea Helicopter Flights

Regio: Antarctica

Bestemmingen: Weddellzee

Helicopter touring the Weddell Sea

When you’ve done your share of hiking, kayaking, or skiing, why not try a new mode of transportation? Our vessel Ortelius carries two helicopters that can show you the Weddell Sea as few are lucky enough to see it, letting you soar over this surreal ecosystem like the very seabirds that inhabit it.

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OTL22-21 Een gedurfde expeditiecruise, deze reis naar het gebied van de Keizerspinguïns bij Snow Hill Island in de Weddell Sea. Er wordt tijdens deze bijzonder

m/v Ortelius

m/v Ortelius


14 nov. - 24 nov., 2021


11300 USD