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D A Boekhout

Regio: Arctis

Bestemmingen: Groenland

Highlights: Muskusos, Kleine jager

This is part of the thank you letter all passengers wrote to the crew of the RVR-23 after a wonderful trip to Thule: This trip ticked all of the boxes: birds and nature, once in a lifetime, special interest/explorer/historical, action and adventure. All of our desires were fulfilled! The crew did their jobs with passion and enthusiasm and their knowledge and skills instilled us with a sense of safety and security. The food and drinks on this trip were a delicious adventure for all of us, and the coffe machine was a huge plus! The landings were geared to everyone's tastes and preferences. The landings and zodiakrides were tremendous highlights of our trip. No one was ever bored and because we had choises we never felt limited in our adventures. Jordi and Gerard, our super hero guides, brought different strengths and experiences to our journey, they complimented each other beautifully. Their lectures were very informative and intellectually stimulating. We shall carry this journey and all of the wonderful experiences in our hearts forever!

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