Boatswain Bird Island

This small South Atlantic island is home to so many birds, they’ve permanently altered its color

Boatswain Bird Island

Regio: Antarctica

Bestemmingen: Ascension Eiland

The protected bird refuge of Boatswain Bird Island

Boatswain Bird Island, located 270 meters (886 feet) off the eastern coast of Ascension Island, is an Important Bird Area under BirdLife International. It offers stellar opportunities for bird lovers and photographers, and it is the perfect refuge for Ascension Island birds escaping rats.

Boatswain Bird Island’s bountiful bird life

Aside from the endemic Ascension frigatebird that breeds on this rocky islet, there are also three species of booby bird, two species of tropic bird, and two species of noddy as well as fairy terns and Madeiran storm petrels. So many birds nest on the island, in fact, that their guano has stained it white.