Fjord-carved coastlines, ice-packed peaks, endless spans of white wind-sculpted snow. Coming to Greenland is like setting foot onto an earlier Earth

Cruises to Greenland


Scoresby Sund, Aurora borealis

RVR27-18. The Scoresby Sund cruise travels into the largest fjord system in the world. The expedition visits historic Inuit sites, sails through sensational scenery and tops it all off with a night-time sky filled with the Northern Lights.

Cruise date:

25 Aug - 5 Sep, 2018


4700 USD


Spitsbergen - Northeast Greenland, Aurora Borealis

A classic three island voyage : Ice , Inuit and Remoteness

PLA16-18. The Spitsbergen and Northeast Greenland cruise sails waters filled with breath-taking scenery. The expedition passes through areas that are home to seals, seabirds, whales, and polar bears, topped off with nighttime viewing of the Northern Lights.

Cruise date:

5 Sep - 18 Sep, 2018


5950 USD


Scoresby Sund - Aurora Borealis

Witness the Northern Lights at Scoresby Sund

PLA17-18. The East Greenland – Scoresby Sund cruise crosses the Arctic Circle into the home waters of multiple species of whale. The expedition will spot huge icebergs as it journeys into the largest and deepest fjord system in the world. Along the way the Northern Lights is guiding our way.

Cruise date:

18 Sep - 25 Sep, 2018


3900 USD

Greenland cruise video

Greenland story

Following the tracks of Viking Explorer Fridtjof Nansen

In late August of 2016, I went on a week-long tour of East Greenland on the Rembrandt Van Rijn. The ship was originally built in the 1920's but...

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Greenland blog

Portraits of a People: The Faces from the Scoresby Sund Exhibition

Greenland is 80% covered in ice, gets scarcely over 10°C (50°F) even at the height of summer, and is one of the least densely populated landmasses...

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Greenland experiences

Greenland wildlife

See the impressive array of wildlife you may encounter::

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Map of Greenland

Greenland cruise reviews

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wim van passel
the best time of my life
by wim van passel on Antarctica

Dear fellow-travelers, My wife and I had the extreme prevelage to join countless Oceanwide expeditions during the last 20 years, resulting in thousands of new " free-off-costs" images for the Int. Imagebank...

  • phpEziglo
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Rudolf und Agnès Graf
Ostgrönland Polarlichter
by Rudolf und Agnès Graf on Arctic

Mit der ganzen Reise und dem Wetter, sehr zufrieden! Was hätten wir bei ständig schlechtem Wetter gemacht?...

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frank policky
East Greenland
by frank policky on Arctic

above all expectations!!! an unforgetable experience.

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Jan Clark

Everything about this Spitsbergen , N.E. Greenland to Iceland adventure was perfect . The expedition staff were so impressive - knowledgable , friendly , immensely capable -just wonderful people working as a...

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Michaela Soost
by Michaela Soost on Arctic

Eine super schöne Reise mit der Rembrandt van Rijn vor Westgrönland. Tolles Team - insbesondere Christian Engelke und Tobias Brehm - mit fundiertem Wissen, fach- und sachkundig in allen relevanten Themen,...

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wim van passel
best time of my life
by wim van passel on Antarctica

The past 20 years I have experienced the prevelage of being guest on board for 20 times or more. Both the arctic and Antarctic regions not only are the most impresive regions of this planet, but they also offer...

  • phpVIUa0G
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Greenland FAQ

Where is Greenland?

Greenland is the world’s biggest island stretching approximately 2800 kilometres (1750 miles) from north to south. 85% of Greenland is covered in ice and is therefore white on the map. 


What is the temperature and weather like in Greenland?

The size of Greenland creates a diverse range of temperature and climate conditions. For example, the populated sections of Greenland are all found on the coast because this area is free of ice. Meanwhile, the central region of Greenland is covered by...


What will I see along the coastline of Greenland?

The surface of Greenland is dramatic and spectacular. Heavily indented with numerous fjords, the coast is formed by spectacular high mountains, 2000 meters (6500 feet) high cliffs and innumerable glaciers. The large glaciers produce the huge cathedral-like...


What wildlife can I expect in Greenland?

A Greenland cruise may enable you to see a large variety of birds. The number of land mammal species is relatively small, but it is still possible to see polar bears, Arctic hares, Reindeer, Muskoxen, and Arctic foxes. Marine mammals such as Fin whale,...


What does the surface of Greenland look like?

Huge outlet glaciers slowly slide down the mountains towards the sea where the ice breaks of and creates the huge cathedral like icebergs that are so abundant in the Greenlandic waters.


What is the time in Greenland?

Greenland uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), with a range of UTC +0 to -4. This means that if it is 18:00 UTC (6 p.m.) in Nuuk when you travel to Greenland, it would be 16:00 (4 p.m.) in New York City, USA, 21:00 (9 p.m.) in London, U.K. and 09:00...


About Greenland

Greenland: The Land and People

Fewer than 100,000 people call Greenland home, the majority of them Inuit – the indigenous people of the Arctic. Positioned northeast of Canada, Greenland is considered part of North America, though politically it has always been associated with Scandinavia.

Despite the mile-thick ice sheet that covers most of the island, Greenland is home to a variety of wildlife. Numerous land mammals reside along the northern and eastern shores, where human populations are scarce. The waters around Greenland are similarly rich with belugas, blues, fins, Greenland whales (bowheads), minkes, narwhals, and sperm whales.

Greenland’s ice sheet is the only one of its size outside Antarctica. About a tenth of the Earth’s surface is covered in similar sheets, nearly all of which are concentrated in Greenland and the Antarctic Continent. As such, human centers of activity―even the capital of Nuuk―are chiefly located along the shore. It almost goes without saying, then, that there are no roads connecting the Greenland coasts. Travel there is done only by air and sea.

Facts About Greenland

  • Greenland is officially part of Denmark, though it retains a great degree of self-rule
  • Almost 80% of Greenland is frozen in ice – only Antarctica has a larger ice sheet
  • The remaining 20% of Greenland’s ice-free land is nearly the size of Sweden
  • Greenland is the largest island (and least densely populated landmass) on Earth
  • An estimated two million seals live in the waters around Greenland
  • Greenland’s ice sheet is estimated to be between 400,000 and 800,000 years old
  • Words like “igloo” and “kayak” – and more than a few synonyms for snow – originated from the Inuit of Greenland
  • Greenland’s warmest temperatures don’t average much higher than 10°C even during the summer

Travel to Greenland

Those who join one of our cruises to Greenland, or Kalaallit Nunaat (Land of the People) as it is called in Greenlandic, encounter a country in which European and Inuit cultures intersect to create a world wholly its own. It is a severe but stunningly picturesque landscape of sprawling ice, towering rock, and limitless sky-blue sea. 

From the midnight sun to the northern lights, the great polar bear to the colossal blue whale, the full range of this mythic environment’s awe-inspiring attractions are possible on our many Greenland cruises. Our ice-strengthened cruise ships, Plancius and Ortelius, will provide you a comfortable home base from which to embark on daily expeditions, allowing you to dig deep into the Greenland experience. And if traditional sailing is more your speed, join us aboard our three-masted schooner, Rembrandt van Rijn.

Our Greenland expeditions afford you experiences that are truly once-in-a-lifetime: hiking the same trails as the Vikings hundreds of years ago, watching the many species of whale that visit the spirited Greenland coast, meeting the Inuit people and learning firsthand about their vibrant Thule ancestry―not to mention bird watching, polar diving, and kayaking opportunities also available when you explore this otherworldly Arctic island with us.

You can see the wide array of Greenland cruises we offer on our dedicated Greenland Cruise Page.