Alpine Peaks of Spitsbergen - Ski & Sail

Climb snow covered alpine mountains and ski downhill

Alpine Peaks of Spitsbergen - Ski & Sail
Title: Alpine Peaks of Spitsbergen - Ski & Sail
Tripcode: NOO15-18-WBC
Duration: 7 nights
Ship: s/v Noorderlicht
Embarkation: Longyearbyen
Disembarkation: Longyearbyen
Language: English speaking voyage
Important: Ski mountaineering is an optional activity
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PLEASE NOTE: All travel elements which relate to the stay on board of the vessel and/or excursions or programs off ship (such as but not limited to ski outings on land, including zodiac excursions) are for 100% the own risk of the passenger. Oceanwide Expeditions is therefore not liable for any damage, such as but not limited to (bodily) injury, illness and death except for gross negligence. Furthermore, with the consent to participate in the ski mountaineering program each expedition member agrees that there will be no claims for reimbursement for travel days in case the ski program is shortened due to reasons which cannot be influenced by the organization, such as but not limited to weather, prevailing ice conditions, avalanche threads, polar bears threads ashore, expedition staff injuries etc. On all our transactions the general terms and conditions of Oceanwide Expeditions b.v. apply, registered at the Chamber of Commerce, Middelburg, the Netherlands. File nr.: 50590715. Upon request, a free copy will be provided. This itinerary is for guidance only. Programs may vary depending on local ice and weather conditions and in order to take advantage of opportunities to see wildlife. Flexibility is paramount for expedition cruises. Willingness to compromise on comfort is a basic requirement on board of an historic traditional sailing vessel. Important information about the sailing program: the boat is equipped with sails and these will be used in good conditions (open sea, water depth, appropriate wind conditions, time availability). This is not guaranteed. The captain decides whether to use the sails or the engine. There is no claim to one or other propulsion method. If sails are used, they are operated by the crew. Guests follow the safety instructions of the team.

Day 1 - 8: Alpine Peaks of Spitsbergen - Ski & Sail

The Ski & Sail program is designed for experienced ski mountaineers who can master skiing techniques in ascent and descent in challenging snow covered alpine terrain. A typical day will involve ski climbs on mountain tops which are in average 700-850 m high and downhill skiing from there (actual accumulated altitude climbed over the course of a day can exceed 1000 m and more). An accurate routing cannot be determined in advance because weather, sea conditions and avalanche situation will influence the final layout of the program which will be in the benefit of all passengers onboard. The map outlines a possible (but not final) route in the greater region Kongsfjorden, Isfjord and Prins Karls Forland. This route plan serves as a rough guide only. The (ski) program and the itinerary of the vessel will be adjusted to the prevailing conditions, thus the daily program may differ considerably from the illustrated directions sketched. The complete program (at sea and on land) is dependent on the local weather, sea ice and snow conditions, the availability of landing sites, encounters with wild animals (polar bears) on land, and the avalanche situation. On board the ship the expedition leader makes the final decision on the necessary program adjustments on the day of the excursion. Flexibility is paramount in expedition cruises. Ski mountaineers bring their own equipment.

s/v Noorderlicht

s/v Noorderlicht is well suited for sailing among small islands and offers good open-deck viewing areas, also when under sail. Full ship info >>


Ski Mountaineering

Ski Mountaineering