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Geoffrey (Mike) Waring
by Geoffrey (Mike) Waring on Antarctica

With apologies to penguins, seals and whales, the voyage itself aboard MV Ortelius was the attraction for me; unsailed seas, spectacular geography and experience of Antarctic weather. Being aboard was déjà...

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Jesse Staines
by Jesse Staines on Antarctica

This trip was everything as advertised and more. The first morning we arrived in Antarctica we had Humpback Whales breaching next to the ship, and the 2 landings that day I had penguins coming right up to me,...

James Tietjen
by James Tietjen on Antarctica

All excellent. Great experience. Very professional in every regard. Once in a lifetime opportunity. In true expedition style, the crew and all responsible for the safety, comfort, and success of our mission adapted...

Mitchell Stephens
by Mitchell Stephens on Antarctica

Very impressed with the staff, the ship and even the (creative) food. Crew and expedition leaders had to think on their feet -- since the ice was building with the end of summer down south. They were making changes,...

Emiel Mostert
by Emiel Mostert on Antarctica

Travelling on a cruise into the Antarctic. Now there were expectations, I am not much of a person to go on a cruise. To massive, sailing hotels, not my thing and going on an outing like sheep changing fields,...

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Ashton Kinsey
by Ashton Kinsey on Antarctica

I had a great time during my trip. Ali was a great head and all of the other staff and expedition leaders were beyond fantastic. Esp Sara and Adam, both were SUPER passionate about the animals and everything...

James Greenlee
by James Greenlee on Antarctica

An expedition across the Drake Passage to Antarctica with Plancius' experienced crew was top shelf. Well done. And the other expeditioners were friendly and helpful. It was a great pleasure. A bit cold, a...

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Nicholas Austin
by Nicholas Austin on Antarctica

Quite possibly the best trip I've ever been on. The staff made me feel like family and were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I absolutely would recommend Oceanwide and Antartica for anyone with a sense...

Kim Fuchs
by Kim Fuchs on Antarctica

A wonderful 11 day trip to the Antarctic Circle onboard the Plancius. There is nothing you can say about the physical beauty of the land and sea of Antarctica and the incredible wildlife that was encountered....

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