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Karen Walz
by Karen Walz on Antarctica

We hadn’t been on a tour like this before so we didn’t know what to expect in terms of the roles of Captain, EL, expedition staff and other crew. We were extremely impressed by the great job performed...

Stacey Dickinson
by Stacey Dickinson on Antarctica

Antarctica for most is an opportunity to check off the seventh continent; to fall within the less than 1% of humans to ever walk on all 7 continents. What you don’t know until you’ve had the good...

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Cynthia Mayer
by Cynthia Mayer on Antarctica

I had a very good time on my expedition. The staff and guides were concerned with the safety of the guests and wildlife. Speaking of the guides, they answered all questions, were well educated and had a wide...

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Kim Fuchs
by Kim Fuchs on Antarctica

A wonderful 11 day trip to the Antarctic Circle onboard the Plancius. There is nothing you can say about the physical beauty of the land and sea of Antarctica and the incredible wildlife that was encountered....

Gregori Ferre
by Gregori Ferre on Antarctica

Contratamos este Viaje con Maria del Pilar hace ya unos años. Esplendida su labor . Se convirtió la Antártida y el Barco Plancius en nuestro Viaje de Novios. Barco exquisito en sus detalles,...

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Nicole Woodcraft
by Nicole Woodcraft on Antarctica

This was an amazing trip. The Crew and guides were spectacular, always willing to share and explain things with a smile on their faces. I would recommend this group and this trip to any and everyone, who wishes...

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Wilda F
by Wilda F on Antarctica

The expedition on the m/v Plancius to the Antarctic Peninsula was priceless. I loved every moment of it, even crossing the Drake Passage. We were incredibly lucky with the weather which allowed us to kayak every...

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Ricardo Ribelles Montaña
by Ricardo Ribelles Montaña on Antarctica

Trip was excellent, a one in a life time experience. I was actually surprised by the skilled guides we had and the quality of food on-board. Probably I will now have to plan an arctic cruise...

Alessandra Coppa
by Alessandra Coppa on Antarctica

Great experience. I loved every single moment of this trip, even when the Drake Shake tested us seriously. It was a privilege to be there. I wish to go back... Ross Sea? Weddel Sea?... Who knows... For the time...

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