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Luke Hicks
by Luke Hicks on Antarctica

This trip was life changeing !!! The best trip I have ever taken in my life. The crew amazing in ever way, the ship was great, the scenery ...I will never be able to truly explain how beautiful and special Antartica...

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patrizia romano
by patrizia romano on Antarctica

We saw a plenty of different penguins, seals, whales and birds, the landscape around the ship was very beautyful and everything was organized very well, the crew and the guests were very very nice on Plancius...

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Wim van Vliet
by Wim van Vliet on Antarctica

A trip of a lifetime. Great journey, great views and encounters. Excellent captain, crew, hotel staff and expedition staff. Nothing at all to complain about. The ship's facilities and catering exceeded expectations....

Mª Carmen L de Goikoetxea
by Mª Carmen L de Goikoetxea on Antarctica

An unforgatable trip!!!!!!!

Catherine Jacobs
by Catherine Jacobs on Antarctica

I did the OTL27-19 Antarctic Peninsula - Basecamp trip from 29/12/18 to 9/1/19. It was by far the most enjoyable experience ever! The trip was always going to be fantastic - because let's face it - it is...

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Geri Lancia
by Geri Lancia on Antarctica

The whole experience was above my expectations. The staff and crew were so helpful and I never felt I was a bother when I need a little extra help here and there. I would definitely recommend this voyage to anyone...

Kate Datson
by Kate Datson on Antarctica

This 18 days on board the Plancius was the best trip I have ever done. No words or photos describe the experience being surrounded by seals whales and penguins in every direction. The crew on board went above...

Tessa Schmedding
by Tessa Schmedding on Antarctica

Our trip to Antarctica was absolutely amazing! The landscapes were straight out of a dream. We were very lucky with the wildlife spotting and there is no such thing as seeing too many penguins, they are the cutest...

Annette Mehling
by Annette Mehling on Antarctica

A fantastic trip to very remote areas of the world. I usually hate using the word but it really was awesome - beautiful scenery, lots of wildlife, pristine environments and so much more to just keep you smiling...

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