The Falklands: a photographer's paradise

"Every picture tells a story," the common saying goes. Because you're a photographer, this isn't news for you. And with photography as your passion, you've no doubt captured hundreds if not thousands of stories already. But a story you haven't captured yet is that of the Falkland Islands.

Choose your own story

The Falkland Islands is an exotic location that offers everyone a unique chance to capture their own unique story. Are you a passionate birder? Then these islands have everything you could possibly hope for. Multiple species of albatross (among which can be seen the beautiful black-browed albatross) and many other seabirds might fly across your lens at any moment. Or are you particularly fond of penguins? The Falkland Islands will give you multiple opportunities to photograph these beloved animals as well. Rockhopper penguins, king penguins, Magellanic penguins, and gentoo penguins could all waddle across your path in this panoramic region. The only thing you have to do is pick which sights to photograph.

Discover a completely new world

The nature of the Falkland Islands is known for its stark, expansive beauty. During our voyage we will visit the long, white beach of Volunteer Point. We will also go to Port Stanley, the capital of the Falklands, where colorful houses, English pubs, and wrecked vessels from the previous century can be seen. Almost everything around you could make excellent focal points for dramatic photography to take back home. After Port Stanley, our Falklands cruise will continue with visits to Saunders Island and Steeple Jason Island, both scenic landings where even more birds can be seen.

Take this unique chance

For beginning and expert photographers alike, missing a trip as unique as this would be a pity. Our polar cruise vessels have several spots available for all those eager to discover a new, far-off corner of the world to turn their cameras loose on. Contact us soon to reserve your spot aboard this unforgettable voyage!