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Tamir Reisin
door Tamir Reisin op Antarctica

This is a relatively easy review since EVERYTHING was excellent. The expedition team did a great job, doing the maximum to enable as to visit as many places as possible without conceding in terms of safety. They...

Graham Attwood
door Graham Attwood op Antarctica

If I could I would have awarded this 10 stars. I booked this expedition to achieve my lifetime ambition which I had held since I was 12, of visiting Antarctia. At the age of 68 I finally achieved it. My expectations...

Ulrike Grübner
door Ulrike Grübner op Antarctica

It was a fantastic journey, lots of activities with always a plan B or C. Very nice guides on board with good qualifications to answer questions and informative talks. It was my second time on the Plancius and...

Devon Johnson
door Devon Johnson op Antarctica

Wonderful excursion. Clean boat, rooms, wonderful staff and good food.

Daniel Manahan
door Daniel Manahan op Antarctica

We knew the trip would be good but it exceeded all expectations. The intimate environment with only 100 passengers meant that the expedition team could get to know me and me them. This made for a much more connected...

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Victor Iniguez
door Victor Iniguez op Antarctica

Fantastic viatge en tots els sentits tan per ruta, barco, estaf, serveis etc. La amabilitat de tots ens faran recordar aquest com un viatge-expedicio inoblidable. Si calgués possar una observació...

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Peter Harnett'
door Peter Harnett' op Antarctica

This 100 passenger ship was ideal for minimising sea sickness and maximising bird and mammal sightings.

Dawn Gurtner
door Dawn Gurtner op Antarctica

Antarctica is not a destination for the faint of heart, and it should not be. Once you get past the "Drake Shake" with your seasickness remedy working, you settle down for the real joy: the excursions...

  • phpLxtq0j
door SISI QIAN op Antarctica

Best Cruise, expedition, and excellent Staff.

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