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Kim Fuchs
door Kim Fuchs op Antarctica

A wonderful 11 day trip to the Antarctic Circle onboard the Plancius. There is nothing you can say about the physical beauty of the land and sea of Antarctica and the incredible wildlife that was encountered....

Dieter Kompatscher
door Dieter Kompatscher op Antarctica

For the moment just three words - (sorry I am verry busy - just arrived at home) ... ALL SIMPLY PERFEKT. To a second moment then a longer review ... with love Dieter Kompatscher

Anonymous -
door Anonymous - op Antarctica

It was a very great time with amazing impressions and many new experiences. To learn about this region was very interesting and changes my look to the wide white world on our planet.

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Shashi Uniyal
door Shashi Uniyal op Antarctica

Thank you to our expedition team for their passion & enthusiasm about all things 'Antarctic'. Also fellow divers that shared lovely underwater images with 'landlubbers' like myself!

paolo valentini
door paolo valentini op Antarctica

extraordinary journey, excellent food, very silent and confortable ship, exceptional crew and staff!!! recommended

Clemens Kok
door Clemens Kok op Antarctica

A really wonderful trip to the most beautiful and impressive continent!! All on board the ship were very professional: Crew, on board hotelstaff and expeditionstaff. On board we enjoyed all the lectures expeditionstaff...

Thomas und Franziska Kaegi und Wagner
door Thomas und Franziska Kaegi und Wagner op Antarctica

Dear all The trip was good and we will not forget all this impressions. The crew of the hotel was just amazing and we were heard bei theme. We had a very cold cabine and they changed us the next day. Food was...

door HELENE & ANNE BOLLON & BOUARD op Antarctica

This 19 days cruise could have been much more interesting if one of the 7 guides had been a biologist. Only 3 of them were scientists ( physics, geology, glaciology), but none was competent at ornithology. This...

Maurice O'Leary
door Maurice O'Leary op Antarctica

Having previously travelled to the Antarctic Peninsula, my wife and I wanted to return to more distant parts of this gorgeous and fascinating place. The Ross Sea tour, with its abundance of natural wonders and...

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