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William Blakley
door William Blakley op Antarctica

The Captain and Crew were extremely professional in their duties. As was the Ships Doctor. The Expedition Staff were very knowledgeable in their respective fields. All of the above were very friends and would...

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Merrily Madero
door Merrily Madero op Antarctica

This trip was my 7th continent and 100th country and I couldn't have even imagined this experience would surpass ALL of my dreams and expectations. The ship was comfortable, the food was outstanding, the...

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Michael Sewell
door Michael Sewell op Antarctica

This trip fulfilled a lifetime dream for my spouse, Pat and I. We cannot say enough good things about Oceanwide Expedition's Leaders, Adam Turner and Sara Jenner.  These two individuals are extreme leaders...

Nick Goody
door Nick Goody op Antarctica

Thank you to everyone at Oceanwide Expeditions for a fantastic trip. Our trip seemed to get better and better every day as the unique wildlife and exceptional scenery was revealed to us. It was a very nice feeling...

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Dawn Gurtner
door Dawn Gurtner op Antarctica

Antarctica is not a destination for the faint of heart, and it should not be. Once you get past the "Drake Shake" with your seasickness remedy working, you settle down for the real joy: the excursions...

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Corrado Valsecchi
door Corrado Valsecchi op Antarctica

Everything was planned to the detail, the expedition team was fantastic and always willing to answer any question, nice and talkative. Even when plans changed due to weather conditions there was an equally good...

Birgit Müller
door Birgit Müller op Antarctica

Die Reise war super organisiert. Die sehr nette und kompetente Crew hat ihr Wissen über Natur und Geschichte in sehr spannenden und informativen Vorträgen mit uns Passagieren geteilt. Sie machte möglich,...

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