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OTL22-19, trip log, Weddell Sea

It was late afternoon on a windy but sunny and beautiful day in Ushuaia. The first passengers to arrive to Ortelius at 2pm were a group of y

HDS21-19, trip log, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Antarctica

We woke to fairly “lumpy” seas and a brisk wind giving enough motion to upset some of our equilibrium. Some were confined to the berth while

PLA22-19, trip log, Antarctica

We started the morning with a delicious buffet breakfast and then headed to the lounge where Sara talked to us about penguins. Her lecture w

OTL21-19, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula - Basecamp

Today was a day of wonders. Starting in Neko Harbour, the wind was threatening to prevent us loading or landing the zodiacs. As we waited, t

HDS15-19, trip log, Scoresby Sund, Aurora Borealis

We finally start our first real day in East Greenland. After a quiet night in the sheltered fjords, we arrive early at Vikingebugt. The visi

PLA16-19, trip log, Spitsbergen - Northeast Greenland

Not long thereafter, we could demonstrate our newly gained knowledge when we embarked the zodiacs for our first landing at Buchananhalvøya,

PLA15-19, trip log, North Spitsbergen – 82 Degrees North

We slowly made our way towards the glacier, Svitjodbreen. An impressive wall of ice in blue and white colours made up the calving front of t

HDS11-19, trip log, North and Around Spitsbergen

The second hiking option was to walk to the “hanging garden” under the cliffs of the fjord, where we spotted reindeer and a white arctic fox

PLA14-19, trip log, Around Spitsbergen

Close to the landing site there were two old huts, Camp Mansfield, foundations and remains of railway lines with old steam boilers and drill

HDS09-19, trip log, Around Spitsbergen

After a mandatory safety briefing delivered by our Hotel Manager Michael, and the Chief Officer Matei, followed by a safety drill, we were

HDS08-19, trip log, Around Spitsbergen

We were shuttled ashore by zodiac and given time to wander around the museum, visit the small gift shop and send post cards home to loved on

HDS07-19, trip log, Around Spitsbergen

As breakfast was being served, we cruised in to Lilliehöökfjord, the sun was shining brightly on the calm, turquoise waters as we headed tow

PLA09-19, trip log, Around Spitsbergen

We finish our stay in Ny-Ålesund with the last zodiac leaving the pier back to the ship at around 12:30. In the afternoon, we proceeded towa

HDS06-19, trip log, In search of polar bears and pack ice

We enjoyed our first sumptuous dinner in the restaurant, while the Arctic landscape outside was bathed in the sparkling sunlight of the midn

HDS05-19, trip log, In search of polar bears and pack ice

After a good lunch it was time for the first zodiac operation. All boats where lowered and passengers dressed up appropriately for the occas

PLA07-19, trip log, North Spitsbergen, In Search of Polar Bear

After his briefings all went quickly outside again because belugas had been spotted. There were two big groups of in total at least a hundre

HDS04-19, trip log, Spitsbergen - In search of polar bears & pack-ice

We were picked up from the airport and received a warm welcome in this cold place. The midnight sun was shining, so were the faces of the ex

HDS03-19, trip log, Atlantic Odyssey- Maiden voyage Hondius

All of us were excited to finally meet the Hondius. Therefore, it felt more like writing a new chapter in an old book, rather than simply jo

PLA06-19, trip log, North Spitsbergen, In search of Polar Bear & Pack Ice

When we arrived there we got a very early wake-up call and went al to the foredeck to view the amazing sight of a bear on the ice with Belug

PLA05-19, trip log, North Spitsbergen, In search of Polar Bear & Pack Ice

After a good night sleep and sweet dreams about our first polar bear encounters on the pack-ice yesterday we woke up in the ice again. After

PLA04-19, trip log, North Spitsbergen, In search of Polar Bear & Pack Ice

Shortly afterwards expedition leader Ali announced through the PA system, that a polar bear was spotted on land. Everybody rushed outside. L