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por JOEL BENVENISTE sobre Ártico

North Norway - Showshoe(hike) - Aurora Borealis

This was truly an amazing adventurous trip with Oceanwide on the Rembrandt van Rijn. This classic three masted sailing ship was compact but comfortable...

Arlettia Fyfe
por Arlettia Fyfe sobre Ártico

I want to thank the crew of the Rembrant van Rijn, 2/22 to 2/29 2020, for giving me a trip of a life time. My taking this trip caused reservations by many as I am 86 years of age. My son, William, and his wife,...

Jo Bentley
por Jo Bentley sobre Ártico

Seven night cruise arranged through Naturetrek. Despite some varied weather (only to be expected in January) the crew and leaders ensured that we enjoyed an excellent experience. We had great views of the whales...

  • Orcas, Humpbacks and Northern Lights
Hiemi Haines
por Hiemi Haines sobre Ártico

Fabulous trip Will use Oceanwide again

Lorena Maria Pautasso
por Lorena Maria Pautasso sobre Ártico

I like everything specially the crew and the entusiasm of the guides.of corse, the place was wonderful. I hope to come again on bord in the future

Godelieve Vandormael
por Godelieve Vandormael sobre Ártico

It was amazing The icebergs, the scenery, the ship, the food, the staff and the people were amazing

vincent roumanille
por vincent roumanille sobre Ártico

excellent trip that met our expectations in terms of magical landscapes, interesting naturalistic observations and perfect organization (outings and stewardship). Wonderful cruise that leaves us with great memories...

Ursula Grundinger
por Ursula Grundinger sobre Ártico

Die Reise war ein Erlebnis. Die Crew und die Expeditionsmannschaft haben hervorragende Arbeit geleistet. Man kann die Gesellschaft und das Reiseprogramm für Arktik Liebhaber nur empfehlen.

Julian Paren
por Julian Paren sobre Ártico

Scenery is one thing. And for me the chief reason to visit Svalbard and Greenland. Others may focus more on wildlife. On this cruise the unexpected highlight was the great interaction between the passengers and...

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