Cleaning the shores

Cleaning the shores

Región: Ártico

Destinos: Svalbard

Cleaning the shores of Spitsbergen

On this special trip you are able to help keep the shores clean of washed-up detritus through collection efforts. This helps keep animals from either ingesting or getting tangled up in man-made garbage, and helps keep the environment that much cleaner to aid scientific environmental research in the area.

Garbage from the ocean is piling up on the shores of Spitsbergen. This litter is hazardous for the animals, who get entangled in fish nets and when they feed on it they die. Supported by AECO and with contribution of the Governor of Svalbard we will clean the shores in North Spitsbergen and Nordaustlandet.

Every day about 60 passengers clean in the morning, while the other 60 have their excursion in another area. In the afternoon, the groups will switch roles. Often we will not be able to clean a certain area, because of roaming polar bears, and have to find an alternative area.

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