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PLA32-17 + PLA33-17, trip log, Atlantic Odyssey

Chris gave a presentation on South Georgia whaling but during his second slide a call came through about approaching Humpback whales. The pr

OTL29-17, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula - to the Polar Circle and back

This morning we woke up before 7 am to be ready to go through the scenic Lemaire Channel. The weather, however, was against us. It was foggy

OTL28-17, trip log, Ross Sea

We had arrived in the Cape Adare area by 5am and as a result enjoyed a restful few hours in the early morning. The grandson of Nikolai Hanso

PLA31-17, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula

Today we awoke in Antarctica proper surrounded by majestic mountains and small icebergs floating near shore as we sailed South in the Gerlac

PLA30-17, trip log, Basecamp Antarctica

The visibility improved during the afternoon and we spotted a mountain between two clouds: LAND. It was Smith Island, with a mountain spine

PLA29-17, trip log, Falkland Islands – South Georgia – South Orkney Islands – Antarct

After lunch and a short cruise, we reached Saunders Island. One 4x4 vehicle driven by the welcoming party was parked on the edge of the gent

PLA28-17, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula

When we had finished our lunch, we came by reception where our hotel team had set up the ship shop for us, where we could be souvenirs for

OTL27-17 trip log, Ross Sea

Streams of meltwater from snow threaded their way across the pebbles. Bright red and yellow chunks of rock lay dispersed over the black volc

PLA27-17, trip log, Falkland Islands – South Georgia – Antarctic Peninsula

The early morning saw Plancius cruising through a glittering, wind ruffled sea toward West Point Island, the most north-westerly point of th

PLA26-17, trip log | Antarctic Peninsula

It was about the time when, on the horizon our first iceberg appeared. Antarctica is getting close! Nacho, then, gathered the brave candidat

OTL25-17, trip log, Falkland Islands - South Georgia - Antarctic Peninsula

We awoke to a wonderful Southern Ocean morning. Sunshine was streaming onto the upper decks, birds were circling and a moderate sea gently r