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Polar bear feast

The bear had already started to strip off the seal skin, and began to eat the blubber: very rich in calories. A bearded seal can weigh up un

A day in the life: Plancius surrounded by Bowhead Whales

This was just the beginning; it soon became clear that we had stumbled onto something very special as blows, backs and tails flukes were sca

Navigating by touch through the sea ice

“Speed?” questions the Officer of the Watch, not taking his eyes off the random pattern of floes and leads ahead. “3.6 knots” replies the he

Greenland: Where the Kayak Was Invented

The Inuit began using kayaks thousands of years ago for hunting, but the exact timeframe that these miniature boats come from is unknown. Wh

Birding Opportunities Abound in Spitsbergen

Seabirds are by the most common type of bird in Spitsbergen. Experts have estimated that there are 164 bird species that have been found thr

Meet Will Gilbertson, one of Oceanwide Expeditions’ field experts

Meet some of our ‘experts’, qualified expedition leaders and guides. Our friendly expedition staff, most of whom have been with the company

Will Woolly Mammoths Once Again Roam the Arctic?

Imagine for a moment that you are on an arctic expedition and spot a woolly mammoth on land. This is something that has not been possible an

Life in a Penguin Colony: Part Two

After observing the penguins’ mating and chick-rearing behaviors for several weeks, it’s time to solve another crucial piece of the penguin

Life in a Penguin Colony: Part One

Establishing a mate is the top priority for breeding penguins. Male penguins arrive to shore before females, and are thus left with the tedi

Arctic and Antarctic Basecamp Cruises – Choose Your Own Adventure

Each voyage uses one of our main ships (Plancius or Ortelius) as a main hub and from there passengers are able to launch into any one of a v

Living the Antarctic Dream

From October to March, during the Austral summer, thousands of breeding Gentoo, Adèlie, and Chinstrap penguins travel to the Western Antarct

Gough Island: Seabird Capital of the South Atlantic

Gough Island is a remote volcanic island in the South Atlantic, uninhabited except for a small party of meteorologists and (sometimes) biolo

The Eight Great Penguin Species of Antarctica

There are 17 penguin species on the planet, but the eight most iconic reside in Antarctica, its nearby islands, and the sub-Antarctic archip

Greenland's History: When Vikings Ruled the Ice Age

Greenland’s history is filled with many fascinating tidbits that polar expedition participants enjoy learning about, but perhaps the most po

The Hardy and Amazing Flora of the Arctic Tundra

The surprising reality to those that travel there is that the white drifts and landscape of the Arctic are actually quite beautiful. The flo

The A to Z Guide to Cruising the Antarctic

Like many of life’s most rewarding experiences, an exploration of the South Pole takes some preparation and knowledge. You’ll be sailing int

How and When Did Greenland Become Covered in Ice?

Although it may be difficult to believe, there was a time when Greenland was primarily covered in the green within its name as opposed to ic

World Penguin Day

World Penguin Day! April 25th - a day in celebration of the world’s most formal of our feathered friends. They hop, they skip, they jump, th

All About Ice: Glaciers and Icebergs of the Arctic and Antarctica

Glaciers and icebergs represent two of the most important facets of Earth's ecosystem, accounting for 68.7% of the world's freshwater supply

Humpback whales at Wilhelmina Bay - Antarctic Peninsula

As we moved away from the ship, the Zodiacs scattered in several directions. I took my Zodiac into Brooklyn Channel, between the two islands

No Patches, Pills, or Tablets: Seven Natural Seasickness Remedies

Just because you're embarking on polar sea travel doesn't mean you need to spend the whole voyage leaning over the rail. If you're anticipat