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PLA24-19, trip log, Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica

Just as Ali was about to start her presentation about the Falkland Islands, a call came over the radio that a pod of Orcas had been spotted,

PLA23-19, trip log, Antarctic Explorer's Voyage

Our expedition leader Ali woke us at 0730, but many of us were already outside on deck to see if we could spot any sea birds. The sun was sh

OTL22-19, trip log, Weddell Sea

It was late afternoon on a windy but sunny and beautiful day in Ushuaia. The first passengers to arrive to Ortelius at 2pm were a group of y

HDS21-19, trip log, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Antarctica

We woke to fairly “lumpy” seas and a brisk wind giving enough motion to upset some of our equilibrium. Some were confined to the berth while

PLA22-19, trip log, Antarctica

We started the morning with a delicious buffet breakfast and then headed to the lounge where Sara talked to us about penguins. Her lecture w

OTL21-19, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula - Basecamp

Today was a day of wonders. Starting in Neko Harbour, the wind was threatening to prevent us loading or landing the zodiacs. As we waited, t

Oceanwide Expeditions’ “Wild, Wild South” video an Adventure in Motion finalist

Oceanwide’s short video, “Wild, Wild South: Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica,” has been selected as a finalist in the sixth annual Adven

The Classic Polar Cruise: Antarctic Peninsula Facts, Pics, and More

You can specialize your Antarctic voyage with trips to the Falklands, South Georgia, and the Weddell Sea. But when it comes to getting the b

Basecamp Plancius: A True Antarctic Adventure

It was New Year’s Eve, and I was dressed in a full-body penguin suit, making my way to the buffet. We were three days into our cruise aboard

Adding Antarctica to Your Seven-Continents Bucket List

It’s a common pursuit among serious travelers to visit all seven continents. And indeed, the term “bucket list,” which became popular (if no

Antarctica and My Old Friend, Ortelius: Passenger Story by Ann Lane

I was on the recent Antarctic trip on Ortelius, 16 Feb - 7 March. This has been my third expedition with Oceanwide, and I continue to be ver

Antarctic Explorer’s Voyage

There’s off the beaten track, and there’s really off the beaten track. And then there’s the Antarctic Explorer’s Voyage, a far-ranging pola

Cruise to Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula 3rd – 22nd December 2018

The first day was spent sailing towards the Falkland Islands, and on the second morning I woke to a bright day and was up on deck to see us

The Ins, Outs, and Ups of Polar Mountaineering & Ski Mountaineering

To shed some light on these ultimate outings, here’s a rough guide to polar mountaineering and ski mountaineering, telling you what the acti

Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia: A Birding Perspective

Southern Giant Petrels zoomed around, and there were some interesting birds in the bay itself, notably Great Grebes. Three South American Se

Port Lockroy: History, Post Office, and Resident Penguins

Sometimes it’s so easy to focus on all the beautiful coastlines, fjords, and other natural wonders of Antarctica that we overlook the man-ma

Oceanwide Expeditions reaches Snow Hill emperor penguin colony

For the second year in a row, predicting great things for its 2019 Antarctic voyages

Two for the Snow: Polar Cruises for Couples

You know the old saying, “Cold hands, warm heart.” We’re not doctors or anything, but in our opinion that bodes well for couples who visit t

Polar Mountain High: Interview with a Ski and Mountaineering Guide

There are good jobs, and there are great jobs. And then there are jobs where you climb mountains and ski back down them and get paid for it.

Antarctica: the Trip of a Lifetime

Antarctica - The Trip of a Lifetime

The Research Stations of Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic

Numerous research stations operate throughout the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic, engaged in all manner of scientific inquiry. This article wil